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“I’ve just finished a film

Tuesday, May 29th, 2001

“I’ve just finished a film with SIMON WESTAWAY (the star of Phoenix & Janus), he is one hell of an actor. The Finder hits the stores
in OZ on July 25 (DVD or Video)”
–Phil Avalon, Producer (from Filmnet)
NOTE: According to Ian at Beyond Films, international distribution for The Finder is now being handled by Hilltop Entertainment. I’ve had little luck finding an email address, so if you sleuths see anything, let me know. –Cat

I said I’d keep mum

Thursday, May 24th, 2001

I said I’d keep mum about the movie until negotiations were finished, but if it’s in the news, it’s fair game! Paul is currently working on a film for U.S. television. He has what he says is a “small featured role.” Here’s the news snippet:

CONFIDENTIAL’s sun-drenched operatives have discovered the reason behind JAG star David James Elliott’s Australian visit. According to information which fell into the wrong — or, in our case the right — hands, Elliott is starring in a movie believed to be called Code 111-4, an action-suspense aeroplane drama which also stars Paul Mercurio and Jane Hall, who was one of Nine’s young talents back in the early ’90s. The Gold Coast shoot goes for 20-days, which puts it well and truly in the telemovie class.

–Peter Holder & Jo Casamento for The Daily Telegraph

There’s a Honda commercial in

Wednesday, May 16th, 2001

There’s a Honda commercial in the can (I’ll find out if it’s in the States or Oz), and more goodness coming down the pipe. Will let you know when I have more details.