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HE may have made a

Monday, June 18th, 2001

HE may have made a name for himself strutting his stuff in Strictly Ballroom, but nimble-footed Paul Mercurio was doing strutting of a different nature in Brisbane. After several hectic days on the Gold Coast set of Code 111-4 (a US movie of the week), Mercurio took his co-stars, including the lovely Terry Farrell (a Trill in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the cafe owner in Becker) for a pub crawl. Anyway, one thing led to another and, about midnight, Mercurio decided it would be a good idea for a skinny dip in Brisbane’s Southbank. Good sport that she is, Terry dropped the duds for a dip as well. Sounds like the pub crawl night could have made better viewing than the movie.

–Russ Brundret and Greta McMahon for the Herald Sun

Red Nose Day fundraising event

Thursday, June 14th, 2001

Red Nose Day fundraising event with John Michael Howson presenting his favourite classic Australian movies in a marathon 24-hour session. Included will be Alvin Purple, Don’s Party, The Box, Strictly Ballroom and more. Stars Graeme Blundell and Paul Mercurio (above) will attend and there will be a movie trivia quiz and giveaways.

–Herald Sun

PS: I’m trying to get the clip from this article. Hope the pic is a new one!–C