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THE FINDER I didn’t need

Wednesday, July 25th, 2001

I didn’t need much of an excuse to throw on a little black frock to
watch THE FINDER a new Aussie movie starring Simon Westaway & Paul
Mercurio . (Whilst in high school I had a serious crush on Paul after
watching Strictly Ballroom)
The invitation suggested we would be able to enjoy a few rounds of booze
& food. So, for this little gal, if the film didn’t stack up, I would at
least get a cold glass of chardy and something to eat. The director said
THE FINDER was to be the first of many films that will be playing at the
Zambezi Bar in Kent Street Sydney. If the reaction to ‘The Finder’ was
to be the acid test, the owner is in for a good run. The film created a
real buzz, it was very well received by the audience.
I’ve been waiting patiently for Paul Mercurio to show us something new,
another character far removed from the dancer in Ballroom. He’s done it,
his performance as Leo Natoli in ‘The Finder’ is very good. Let’s hope
he can find some more films that will show this versatility. But ‘The
Finder’ is Simon Westaway’s film, he turns in one of the best
performances of his career, he is in a word, fantastic. It was obvious,
he loved the tough, take no prisoners Les Kearney character. Yet he
displayed an underbelly, a softer side that got all us girls in. Simon
is like Nick Cage, dangerous, edgy, willing to take a risk and Alison
Cratchly as Simon’s love interest gave us heart. All in all ‘The Finder’
is a unique, interesting Australian story, mixing beach culture with the
underworld. I give it 4 stars. – Vicki Dresmond for Filmnet

The Finder in Zambezi It

Thursday, July 12th, 2001

The Finder in Zambezi