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From the August Who (sorry,

Tuesday, October 9th, 2001

From the August Who (sorry, I get these things late):
Riding high on the success of his movie musical “Moulin Rouge”, director Baz Luhrmann is now planning stage versions of all three of his films: 1992’s “Strictly Ballroom”, ’96’s “William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet”, and this year’s Nicole Kidman cancan extravaganza. Of these, Inside Scoop hears that “Strictly Ballroom”, Luhrmann’s debut box-office giant, will be the first off the production line. “I’d love to do it, I think it would be massive,” says John Frost, a produer with The Gordon/Frost Organisation, which staged “Annie” and “The Sound of Music” and is now co-presenting “Grease”. “It’s an icon of a movie, a title that everybody knows in Australia and internationally…it has the right characters, it’s boy meets girl, boy loses girl. It’s all of those wonderful things that you need for the perfect musical.”

I mowed the lawn today

Monday, October 8th, 2001

I mowed the lawn today – the back lawn anyway. It took me all day. I am blessed with a rather large back yard with a lot of grass and trees and birds, bees and frogs etc. I love mowing the lawn. I get to smell nature – read as experience life – and to think. Somehow I feel closer to All That Is/God/It….whatever it is you concieve he or she to be. I thought lots about this war. How it would effect my kids, my wife, my life and yours. No answers came.
Guess there arent any.
If we all pray – and it matters not to what god – if we all pray to find that place of faith in our ability to love, we may begin to heal the world by beginning to heal ourselves of our fears. Lets all of us join together, pray together, laugh together and love together. Lets begin the healing process – now. I wish you well and I wish you love.

My wife is watching a

Sunday, October 7th, 2001

My wife is watching a real womans movie. I love films but sometimes those womans films make me feel a bit ickie. I am a bloke in touch with his feminine side but perhaps these movies scare me because of my inability to understand the feminine or, they make me understand the mistakes I have made as a man all too clearly.
Or perhaps they just show me as being typical, normal and run of the mill……..eeekkk how frightening!

Its a bit late, I’m

Sunday, October 7th, 2001

Its a bit late, I’m having a glass of wine – quite possibly not my first and I am wondering what I want to talk about. Making a mark on the world is something important to me. It doesnt matter how big or how small the mark is. It is important that I do it. That somehow I make the world a better place. Hey I am as weird as the next bloke – thats what makes me special 🙂 IN making the world a better place I dont want to make it a place that I imagine is right for my sense of God and All That Is…or what ever else you may think of being utopia. But I want to make it a place to share with all of you out there. A place to share our differences and our similarities. A place where we exchange, share and support the growth that we has Humans, as Souls and Spirits seek to achieve and share.
As the Desiderata states: with all it’s sham, drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world. Be careful, strive to be happy.
It’s a good thought for the evening.

Two things: 1. There’s an

Friday, October 5th, 2001

Two things:
1. There’s an update at Paul’s Corner
2. This one is important: Paul’s fanmail address is no longer correct, and I will be taking it down ASAP. If you’ve written in the last few weeks, please please email me. Paul does not yet have an address, but I’ll put one up as soon as I have it.

Just a thought to end

Thursday, October 4th, 2001

Just a thought to end the night on:
Take time everyday to look for the good in you.
We spend too much time looking at what we don’t like about ourselves, those around us and the world we live in – Eventually we start to live that reality.
Imagine if you started to live the reality of what was GOOD ABOUT YOU 🙂

By the way part 2

Thursday, October 4th, 2001

By the way part 2
I was rung up at 6pm Friday night by a casting director to check my availability to film on “The Crocodile Man” for November/December. I told them I was available and keen. They asked me to come in on Monday morning for an audition. I told them I was going to Perth on Saturday morning and wouldnt be back until the following Monday but I would be happy to come in then or if they had an office in Perth I could go in there. They said they didnt and to not worry.
I guess they werent that interested to wait for me, in fact they said as much. I followed up with two phone calls over the week I was away to try and organise an audition but they offered it to someone else. That happens here a quite a bit. If you cant go in to audition when they want you (on no notice) they tick you off the list!

By the way, unfortunately I

Thursday, October 4th, 2001

By the way, unfortunately I did not get the TV drama series in Melbourne.
I went down to the wire……for the 2nd time this year……they evetually offered the role to a guy that is currently in a series or it has just finished playing on air. Typical – I know they like to give people who are working jobs but how do you get a job if you are not working????????
They told me they were extremely impressed with my work, which bodes well for future productions they are developing but I have to say at the end of the day I didnt get the gig and I wanted that one!
It seems nice guys come second – perhaps I need to get nasty? What do I gotta do to get a job!! I know I know keep at it, stay fit, be ready and above all Laugh and be positive…:)

I have been away for

Thursday, October 4th, 2001

I have been away for the last week and a bit. It was the anniversary of my younger Brother’s suicide. It was hard. I didnt want to go home but Mum was there on her own and I didnt want her to be alone over that week. My wife and children came over. We tried to make it about family rather than about death but we couldnt escape the pain that still lingers. A year ago at his funeral I said that I was changed forever, I now had a ball of sadness in my heart and would have it forever. A year later it is still there. But I have also noticed around that ball of saddness another ball has appeared. This one is a ball of joy full of memories of my Brother and my time shared with him. People say you you have to experience one thing to know another. Well, I already knew the joy, but perhaps now with the saddness it makes the joy so much more bright.