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About Paul’s Birthday… Paul

Saturday, April 6th, 2002

About Paul’s Birthday…
Paul was kind enough to send a thanks for the birthday wish on the front page here. “But guess what?” He said, “You were a day early.”
Well, sort of.
The time stamps here in the news section are set to my time, and I’m on the West coast of the United States. Keeping time with Melbourne is a bit of a cha-cha: one day forward and six hours back. Now how embarrassing would it have been if Paul showed up here on his birthday to find nothing, because here in the States it was still March 30th? Can’t have that! So, I posted the birthday greeting on his birthday for his timezone.
Confused yet? Me too. That’s why I’m changing the settings to reflect Paul’s timezone. 🙂

You know it occurs to

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002

You know it occurs to me that the only thing we truly have or own is the
ability/choice to enjoy our life. Being a successful actor/agent/lawyer/architect/brewer is neither here nor there if we do not enjoy our life! I’m not really enjoying trying to be an actor – I am one – the trying comes from trying to get work – the thing that keeps me sane is the knowledge and understanding that simply enjoying my ife is the key to enjoying my life! No greater or lesser expectations just a simple fact. I wish my brother could have arrived at that conclusion. I sometimes wonder how long I need to bang my head upon the various walls scattered around the place before I truly grasp the idea.

HOT gossip from the Melbourne

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002

HOT gossip from the Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix marquees is that actor Paul Mercurio has signed up for another feature film. “The signage is there but I will be waiting to see the final product on the table first,” he informed Confidential. Mercurio, the star hoofer of Strictly Ballroom now seen on TV’s body+soul, says he’s still dancing but only on the domestic front. “When I was dancing, I was training 50 hours a week. The only dancing I do these days is around the kitchen.”
–Courier Mail, Edition 1 – First with the newsSAT 09 MAR 2002