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Bumper Stickers

Monday, June 24th, 2002

One of my favourite – I have it on the fridge at home but have seen it on bumpers.
Practise random acts of kindness and senseless beauty.


Monday, June 24th, 2002

June has thrown me for a spin! Hey I am really glad you have been a visitor to the site and I am gladened and warmed beyond belief that all of us have been able to contribute to your on going healing. Thats why we – us friends – come here. To contribute to each other and to ourselves.
Contributing is simply typing away at the key board and being honest about your feelings, your thoughts – expressing who you are even if you are not quite sure who you are. A few people appologised in our last thread for not having much to offer…………..HEY!!!!!!! YOU MADE ME SMILE FOR JUST CARING TO SAY HI! YOU MADE MY LIFE BETTER FOR SHARING. YOU SPARKED IN ME THE DESIRE AND INSPIRATION TO CONTINUE TO BECOME A BETTER, MORE WHOLE PERSON.
Arent you glad you did that June? Because of you Sarah shared something which sparked in many of us a fire to survive, to be strong in the face of other peoples dissapproval and misunderstanding. How many of us identified with Sarah and shared her pain, shared those same feelings. Sarah dont appologise and definately dont stop being a part of here.
It’s that great image of a beautiful still lake and then you take a tiny pebble and drop it in and watch the ripples gently extend out to caress many distant shores. So it is with your life. Orlando FL – how about a name:), said no one is a alone. My very first thought was that my brother is. When I went home to bury him I sat in the car that he gassed himself in. I sat right where he sat and died. There were a couple of beer cans in the car, a family picture stuck in the sun visa and it struck me deeply how lonely he must have felt. Or maybe it was me in that moment, how lonely I now felt that his pebble dropping into the lake, his ripple was to be felt no more. June said that you can understand my brothers motives…my brother once said I dont want to die I just want to stop the pain. I do not know why he chose to stop it that way nor why he chose to not seek out more help. In the end he felt he was only not dying for us.
I must accept his choice but I wish, I wish, I wish…
We all have our demons some more than others. I pray that somewhere some how we can always retain a small place within where we can hold safe that flame of who we are – beings of loving energy – so we can draw warmth from that. From there comes beginnings and from there comes hope and from there comes choice.
As Orlando pointed out the worst time to be self critical is when your down – but how do you get up??? Remember the flame, allow yourself some warmth give yourself the gift of not be being the judge the jury and the executioner. Know we dont think your inadequate for being honest. Understand there is hope and a future but it will take work and friends but the first step starts from you as will the last. Take inspiration in knowing you too are inspirational to many even if you dont see it. The good, the love the light you put out into the universe is vitally important – my brothers was and no doubt he will need to come back and pass his lessons before moving on to whatever lies at the end of that road. As I write I feel him with me smiling and laughing quietly and agreeing all along he’ll be back. Both of us are saddened that our time is done but…
The choice is – recognise you are special. And like something you hold dear treat it us such. Look after your body – no matter how old/young etc it is your temple. Look after your health – see a doctor, find a form of therapy that engages and enlivens. Accept fear and pain is part of loving and living too but is only a small part – grain of sand in fact. Have a massage, do Tai chi, dance like youve never danced – dont fear the hard yards – allow who you are to inspire you as it does others but remember You come first. Memorise the Desiderata or another inspirational poem so that when you find yourself falling to the negative brain storms you can allow yourself some positive respite.
“You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars
you have a right to be here and wether it is clear to you or not
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should”
My thoughts are with you

Disabilities no barrier HAVING a

Monday, June 10th, 2002

Disabilities no barrier
HAVING a mental or psychiatric disability should be no impediment to learning to surf, says Tracey Ryan. And so there is the EnVision surf group, a squad of approximately 30 people who join up with qualified coach, Marcel Cole every Friday morning at Northcliff Surf Life Saving club in Surfers Paradise to learn the finer points of paddling and hangin’ five.
“Our people want to do things that are valued culturally,” said Tracey. “They come here for the beaches and the lifestyle like anyone else does.”
Taking part in the sport also helps with health and fitness, important considerations for people who may have spent many years in institutions. “It is a supportive environment and they can hang out without having to put on a front,” she said. “They can join in without being too noticeable. It can be very hard for our people to join groups, to walk into a room full of strangers when they have been away inside for a while.” She said Northcliff surf lifesavers welcomed the EnVision club ‘with open arms’ and supported two members to gain their bronze medallions.
Earlier this year, the EnVision surfers welcomed a special guest, actor and dancer Paul Mercurio, the star of the movie, Strictly Ballroom who turned up to surf with club members and join them for a barbecue afterward. “One of our guys saw him in a cafe and fronted up and asked him along. “He had no inhibitions about it,” said Tracey. “Paul was very empathetic, he had lost someone close to him through suicide.”
–Gold Coast Sun, Edition 1WED 15 MAY 2002

Good News

Sunday, June 9th, 2002

Firstly I added to the previous post on love hate and fear. To keep the discussion going on a topic lets just add to the thread.
I am still bloody sore from diggin my ditches!!!! and to add to that I have taught a couple of ballet classes this last week and my calves are screaming at me – I think they are happy they are certainly alive:)!! I have enjoyed going back to lovely spiritual place for me – dance.
Oh yes the good news… lifestyle show is getting back up and running. They reckon we will start shooting in July and have an on air date of August 1. Dont how many or for how long but probably 13 episodes. So yahoo!!!! I’m going to be working again in a month, back on the tele. The last 4 months have been hard and I feel I am a different bloke from the one that shot the first 8 episodes all those months ago. I am looking forward to seeing who what how and where I am.
Got some gossip on my audition past which I didnt get a call back for. Not sure if I should post it but hey I’m going to…..The network knew in advance who they wanted for the role, so the auditions were all a sham! They auditioned for a 35 yo character etc I have it on bad gossip info that the person they want to offer it to and knew prior to any auditon being held is around the 50 mark! Hmmm
As far as I am concerned I am relieved that it wasnt that I sucked and in fact to the contrary – so the gossip goes – but it pisses me off that they make us actors do the work and then go through the emotional roller coaster ride of wanting it, dreaming about making it, giving body and soul to creating it, of investing all that positive energy into something that was in fact decided before they even rang to get you to come in for an audition!!!!!!!!!
As an actor I have no problem if the powers that be want someone and make an offer – if I should be so lucky!- Do It! But dont make us jump through the hoops for no reason or worse yet for your amusement!
Nuff said.