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Fountain of Knowledge

Monday, August 19th, 2002

I taught a ballet class today. I started the class by telling them that I was not there to teach them anything – they are full time students at the ballet school – I was merely going to show them stuff and it was up to them to decide to learn anything or not.
I started Tai Chi on Sunday. It is an old style taught as a fighting art. I have been looking for some one to show me this style for several years. I first studied it in 1983 but lost touch with the Master due to my constant touring. I have now been reunited with this style, and I thought today that I am not going to study under this martial artist – I am not going there for him to teach me – I am going there so so that I might learn.
There is a difference between being taught and learning. One seems to have an expectation and one seems to have a care of action for oneself.
Our world now is focused on teaching our young how to be, what to say, what and how to think. I am hoping that I am assisting my children somehow to re-remember the fountain of knowlege and not to mimick what, how and why I am. But to learn what, how and why they are. Dont you think this is more to the point?

If you’re here because you

Saturday, August 17th, 2002

If you’re here because you heard about a guy named Paul Mercurio pulling a tasteless stunt, it’s a different Paul. Paul Michael Mercurio is the recently arrested NYC comic. Paul Joseph Mercurio is an Australian actor, and the subject of this site.

Paul writes: “Someone has been

Monday, August 12th, 2002

Paul writes:
“Someone has been sending out vicious rumors about me going bald!! I have sent a photo attatched to clear this issue up and wondered whether you could put it on the site?”
Done and done. The last photo on this page should put those rumors to rest.

Three things for living

Sunday, August 4th, 2002

At last, here we go! I was going to make a rule that we just write our three things and nothing else and then talk about them later but….blah to rules – lets just live and have fun.
In between thinking about my three things and meandering along the pathway of my life I realised, as I now go to write My three things that they have possibly changed subtley of the last few weeks. Russel’s death obviously had a big impact on my view of life and living, some dramas at work did likewise but not on that same scale – even finally making my salami’s which are now hanging outside my office window where I can keep an eye on them as I write has expanded my view on me and my place in the world.
The long and short of it is: My three things – like me, is a work in progress….
1. Look for, see and embrace the positive in all acts of life.
2. Be open to change – in fact embrace it! Nothing stays the same, all things change constantly.
3. Life is a journey – choose to make it a happy one.
I will leave it at that for now.