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Catch Up

Wednesday, November 27th, 2002

Well Mum has gone. She really is like a good friend to all of us as well as a Mother, Mother in Law and Grand Mother. I am lucky and blessed to have this relationship. I dont know why my Sister and other Brother dont have the same kind of relationship? Expectations, needs…?
The audition I did for the support role in an Aussie movie about one month ago went well – so the casting director told my agent. But I have not heard anything more regarding it. My agent has said they are busy casting the leads. It shoots Feb so hopefully I will hear something (positive) before Xmas.
I have an audition today for an American movie of the week – cops and bad guys, dead coming back to life and a buddy feel good type of thing. It shoots end of Jan for a month or so at the Gold Coast. I shot an American movie of the week up there a couple of years ago – Code 1114 – any one seen it? I might not seem too excited by the audition and in a way I am not – been through this process too many times to get excited (a protective instinct?) – although saying that I am a little excited and will pump up a bit more before going in to the room. Call me schizo!!? Anyway see what happens, I will go in, do my best and then it is up to the powers that be – no not the casting directors (but some of them like to think so) but the positive power of the universe – to decide.
As far as a real job goes – I will be starting my employment as a notebook computer salesmen next week. I am quite excited by all of the positive experience this offers. But in saying that I am also quietly dismayed that it must come down to this – ho hum. We will be eating for Xmas and New Year and that is pretty good and I thank the universe for providing. I would love to tell you where I am working so you could buy some notebooks off me but unfortunately that needs to remain for me to know – some people do not know thier boundaries!!
I am working on my Beer Cafe Brewery tentatively called MERCURIO’S BREWERY CAFE – what do you think?? I have some other names, Paul’s Place, The Beer Cafe and others….. but am open to suggestions… So far I have about half a million in verbal interest with another partner awaiting my business plan and budget – ITS LOOKING GOOD. But a lot of work to do yet. Realistically a year or two of work before brew day!
My Sister is flying in from Upstate New York at the weekend. She is going to hang out with us for a while and then go back to Perth for Xmas. Last time we saw each other was Michaels funeral – a stressful time – so it will be great to catch up on more relaxed grounds.
Thats the catch up. I will start another post in a day or two – it is the post that spured the judgement post but for some reason I started that first?
Happy Giving Thanks
Peace and love

To Judge or Not To Judge

Sunday, November 17th, 2002

How do you Judge your self?

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Sunday, November 10th, 2002

A glitch when moving the site caused some comments to be orphaned from their original entry.
The comments for “I’m not a young spunk anymore!” are continued here. Yes, even more comments.

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Wednesday, November 6th, 2002

A glitch when moving the site caused some comments to be orphaned from their original entry.
The comments for “I’m not a young spunk anymore!” are continued here.

I’m not a young spunk anymore!

Tuesday, November 5th, 2002

It’s hard to accept aging. It may even be harder to accpet it when you are in an industry where youth is the flavour of the millenium. I have a teenage daughter now as well as the two minors who dont mean to remind me but it is no longer cool to hold dads hand or be seen to be too hip hop with the old fat dude.
Ah yes but there is that bitter note in my typing that smacks of “oh no you didnt get that role they decided to go with someone younger”….says Pauls agent. Someone younger!!! I ask quietly and calmly, more calmly than I care to actually admit that I DO NOT FEEL! Ok Ok, so in my moments of insecurity I eat good food that I invent like beer sausages and pates and home made bread with home made sun dried tomatoes and more home made sausages and home made beer! Ok so I sit around waiting for the phone to ring instead of jogging 15.39 miles every morning – ok ok as my wife so kindly (and honestly ) pointed out my ass is as big as she has ever seen it and so is my stomach!! Agh I am either normal – for a normal person – or abnormal for an actor – I cant keep up. The truth is I dont want to keep up! I dont want to be at the mercy of the youth police that say if you do not fit in to the luggage limmit of xxpounds (kilos n OZ) you dont get to ride on the movie/TV merry go round.
Now I have to admit if you look at some of the pics – all of the pics – on the fan site I am a great deal younger and fitter. I almost feel like I am lying by them being their and poeple looking at them and thinking ‘oh that Paul what a dream’!! LOL
MMMMMM…. Well I am sitting here complaining about my burgeoning tummy whist I suck back another wonderful Coopers Pale Ale ( one hopes at least the goddess will know how I feel feel about sucking back something???) and all the while considering, concerned about the damage said sucking back will do to my profile! Sucking up is what gets you somewhere in this industry, that and dieting! Sucking back gets one know where. I got to laugh at me…..
Is it about pulling the hard yards? (no comment from the goddess please) What am I on about?? This industry doesnt seem to want me and so I contemplate who I should be for them to want that person. How much weight should I lose, how should I act, what sensational stunt should I pull to bring them out of the mire of the pigeon hole theory and make them see the me I am?
If you are thinking like I am, it is a lost cause. Why ? Cos they dont want real people with real feelings, real issues or real honesty. They want to manufacture it so as they can own it and control it. That is the truth and somehow I reckon if you ask most actors about this they would agree. And maybe that is why it is a youthfull persons sport because when you get older and realise what you want from life you dont want to play these games or be the product for others to flash around any more.
What the audience see’s though is the end product. And it looks damn good (generally) and when I see it i just keep on wanting to make it – but at what expense to the soul?

Did you read about us?

Friday, November 1st, 2002

Did you read about us?
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