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Tuesday, December 31st, 2002

It’s 12.32 am 2003 and all is well so far. Lets hope it keeps going as well as it has so far!! Big smiles.


Tuesday, December 24th, 2002

One of the great things about living in Australia is – That we get to have XMAS FIRST!!!!! Hahahaha!!!big smiles and LOLOL!!
But what that also means is that I will be sending all of you, my friends – big Xmas cheers, thoughts, loves and hugs way before you get to Xmas day thereby making Xmas day for you even betterer – (betterer being a quintessential aussie phrase)
I wish you all a very happy Xmas. One full of love for yourselves and for your loved ones wether they be family or friends or both. Whatever this celebration is for you, may it be about the joy of life and the celebration of love.

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Saturday, December 21st, 2002

A glitch when moving the site caused some comments to be orphaned from their original entry.
The comments for “Clean Break” are continued here.

Clean Break

Friday, December 20th, 2002

Firstly to those that sent their best wishes to myself and Andrea for our 15th wedding anniversary – Thank you. 15 years seems to be a long time and yet a short time. We have lived and loved and created. We understand that it is at once easy and hard – see there is that balance and the two choices, to be or not to be. We choose to be, to love and laugh and to work to our best ability. It has been a truly wonderful 15 years where love has continued to be nutured and creativity expressed. What tomorrow will bring we dont know but one thing we do know is – we will face it together.
I have been in Melbourne for almost a year and with my new agent for about a year. It’s been a difficult year – no expectations just hopes and dreams and whislt they may not have come to be, the seeds are sown and they will sprout accordingly. I have however decided to move on from my agent. The agency has done a fine job but after a year with them it became clear that their management style is not suited to me. There fore I am out on my own for the moment until I find another agent and a more suitable management style. As everyone is closing down for Xmas I wont be able to start that process till next year – hopefully it will not take too long and I can get back into the groove quickly. In the mean time…………………..mmmmmmm……………..go with the flow………..
I do feel like I am drowning. I know the only thing that will save me is not panicking. Out in the middle of the ocean, on a deep, dark night, I try not to panick and wonder how long I can tread water – will it be long enough to see the lights appear upon the horizon, will it be long enough for those lights to find me and pluck me from the ocean of my fears and stand me once more upon the platform of success.
Bugger this! I am going to dog paddle my way out of this. Go with the flow. Find land, build a house, plant some crops and then put on a show.
I’m going to leave it there as I now have too many questions pounding the inside of my skull – treading water dog paddle, brewery, bread, lights agents camera action sell sell sell play write work play laugh love cry – see what I mean and thats only the surface!!!


Tuesday, December 17th, 2002

"Someone has been sending out vicious rumours about me going bald! I have sent a photo to clear this issue up." August 2002

Mum’s Just Great!

Saturday, December 14th, 2002

Hey guys, I have been a bit busy selling the old notebooks so have not got on the blog for a while. Had a quick squiz this morning but have not read everything as I am kind of busy today holding a birthday barbie for my sister. I noticed lots of new names – so to all of the new posters welcome!
I just want to clear up that my Mum is healthy and breathing in the air and life to boot! Just got herself a new puppy – my brother took her dog with him when he took of from living on this planet two years ago. So finally she has got herself another dog. When she was having dinner with us on her last night before going home to Perth, Western Australia, we were talking about names for her dog. Well my brother Michael came to me – at the dinner table – and told me to tell Mum to call it Angel. I didnt tell Mum that Michael gave me the name but I did suggest it as a name and that is what she has called! Cool hey!
I am being confronted with quite a bit of change and challenge at the moment. All good food for fodder!! No doubt chunks of it will be found here in the near future. I will go back and read the posts of last before I start another post but in the meantime my Mum is doing GREAT!