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Wednesday, January 29th, 2003

Working for a living makes you tired! Got to put the kids to bed. Seems like no time for life, too busy living!


Wednesday, January 29th, 2003


Do you…

Sunday, January 19th, 2003

Do you have the guts?
No guts no glory!
Do you have the will?
No will no way!
It’s time to step up?
What are you waiting for?
Yesterdays dreams to come true tomorrow?
NOW is the only time that matters!!
step up


Tuesday, January 14th, 2003

What’s your definition of easy?

New Year Resolutions

Wednesday, January 1st, 2003

DONT BELIEVE IN THEM. What I mean is “I” dont believe in them. For me they seem to be the first promise we make to ourselves in the New Year (and there fore the first lie) and then they become the first promise we break. Perhaps there are people out there who manage to stick to their NYR and good on them but I fear it is the majority of us that make and break all in the first week or so.
It goes back to that idea of balance or Einstiens theory that every action has an equal and opposite reaction (or something like that) The desire to make a resolution is matched by the desire to not break it. So as one goes about applying the effort to ‘not break it’ the strain becomes too much to bare and bang – gone, broken. Why? Because all the effort is focused on the outcome you didnt want to happen –
(thinking)…dont do it dont do it dont do it Im not gonna do it not gonna do it god Im not gonna do it its hard but im gonna make it im not gonna do it im not gonna make it im not gonna make it im gonna do it im gonna do it gonna do it OH DAMN I DID IT
See what I mean. Resolutions seem to empower that which we are resoluting against.
Perhaps the resolution should be reversed. Make your resolution to do what it is you dont want to do ie eat, drink, smoke, put on weight etc and then set about doing it with great fervor and I reckon eventually you’ll get so sick of it that you will give it all away quite a bit easier and sooner than you would have if you had done it the other way around. Try the excercise above and I am sure you will find I am right. I am not being cynical – tongue in cheek yes, cynical no.
So I do not make resolutions. However if asked the resolution question – and now I can see you move closer to the edge of your swinging chair – I would answer by saying thus….
I do not make resolutions, however I do have an affirmation for this new year ahead of me – an affirmative action plan if you like – and that is: to take the lessons learnt from this last year (which is cumulative from years gone past -kind of like a good stock) and apply them as best I can through this new year. Thereby I will continue to grow, continue to nurture, to discover, to evolve, to become, to change. I will use the lessons of the past to help me in this process and in doing so learn new things, create new lessons for new years. I will be actively and positively creating/re-creating – ‘me’
The best thing about this -for me – is I dont have to give up anything or lose anything. Instead I am changing. I am gaining and giving to myself that which I need to grow. I am evolving into a more trimmer me, I am nurturing better health through looking after myself differently from how I did last year. I am applying what Ive learnt about myself this last year to improve myself this New Year.
Do you see what I am getting at? Do you think I am kidding myself?
I am not indulging in the the issue and pressure of success or failure according to resolutions. I am owning the responsibilty of being me, of making and meeting my goals, of continueing my growth and fulfilling the promise of my creative soul.