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Monday, March 31st, 2003


Many happy returns.

intersting times

Saturday, March 22nd, 2003

My thoughts go out to all those people involved in the conflict – on both sides -except for those few that could have so easily stopped it by doing the honourable and humane thing. Perhaps that provides the proof of the necessity of action.
I wonder why it is that those that protest for peace all too often turn to violence to prove their point?
If you want to make the world a better place start with you.

A visitor

Monday, March 17th, 2003

My brother visited me today. I was sitting on a sea wall watching the seagulls dive for stale old chips whilst the million dollar yachts bobed upon the swell that the day brought in. I was thinking about faith and how you couldnt eat it and how hope wouldnt dress the kids for winter. And then there he was. He sat next to me – his beautiful smile as always -and put his arm around me and said to fight on for hope and faith – he said not to give up on them. I asked why he did and he said he didnt want to fight, it wasnt in him like it is in me. He hugged me and then left.
It is funny isnt it how the dead come back to visit. How they can still touch you, love you, live with you.
Perhaps we are never alone, perhaps we are never forsaken, perhaps faith will not feed us nor hope clothe us but maybe, just maybe, they will see us through.

just to clarify

Monday, March 17th, 2003

I have been offered a role in the Full Monty. I have not accepted yet.
The process of reading a script and liking it , wanting to do it – then the process of establishing the terms of involvement in the production begin. There are many details to be worked out and many issues to be considered – with no offence there are too many – and they are of a private and personal nature – for me to openly discuss here. AND no I dont mean I can only have magenta cups in my dressing room with pictures of high powered motor cycles plastered on the dressing room walls – although that is no a bad idea.
It is about a win win negotiation that embodies the spirit of creativity balanced with the realities of any commercial relationship. That is my view but not one always held with those that hold the purse strings. Thankfully that is why God in all her wisdom invented the ability to choose what steps we wish to take.
So the journey to the top of the next mountain begins.
I will keep you posted on the heights scaled.

GOOD NEWS! Paul has been

Friday, March 14th, 2003

Paul has been offered the part of Ethan in the musical The Full Monty. If all goes well, rehearsals begin in September. Congratulations, Paul!

an ending and a beginning

Thursday, March 13th, 2003

I have been offered the role of Ethan in The Full Monty.
So I have climbed and conquered one mountain and now the journey to the next begins!
I am happy and cannot wait to get out there and do it!
As with any journey there is much to organise and plan and with luck all will fall in to place.
Thank you for your thoughts and best wishes.
Time to step up again!
Thats the funny thing about stepping up, each time you do it you are invited, dared and demanded to go again 🙂 Fine with me!
Good news, acknowledged at last, affirmed at last, accepted.

only lost if your looking

Tuesday, March 11th, 2003

To find a balance
to find a place to be
to discover
the right shade of grey
that when stirred
leaves a trail
of not one
but three
glorious rainbows
to discover
the right note
that when sung
a simple sunrise is heralded
the birth of a brand new day
a baby’s cry
the sigh
of a last breath
to discover harmony
and find that I am split
into a trillion trillion
pure peices of me
not lost
not found
just me
to find a balance
a road
a journey
a beginning
with no end
and yet the end
is where I wait
to be found


Monday, March 10th, 2003

Hey Guys, Sorry I havent got back to you as yet regarding the Friday audition. I am ROOTED as we say in Oz. I think with all of the stepping up and rising to the occassion I am just a tad exhausted!!!!!!!!!!
Friday went really well and in fact finished with them asking me to read for the second lead role! I flew back to Melbourne that night and went to work on Saturday choreographing a Guys and DOLLS for a highschool production.
Sunday I lay in the bean bag and watched the Formula one GP and today, Monday hung out with the girls and did some of our favourite stuff – shopping!!!
I am still really drained – I guess I put a lot in. Perhaps the uncertainty of the future is draining some energy away too.
I havent read all the posts from the last section but will get to it. My thoughts are with youse all and of course Grandma for her big show which may be happening as I type and Whitney is there?? representing us all I am sure.
Sorry you didnt get the gig Timbo.
I’ll catch up with you guys soon and fill you in on me. Right now I am going to be selfish and hibernate!

SOUNDS like Strictly Ballroom star

Saturday, March 8th, 2003

SOUNDS like Strictly Ballroom star Paul Mercurio hopes to pull on his dancing shoes again. Mercurio is auditioning for the stage musical The Full Monty. The show is tipped to have its Australian premiere in Melbourne later this year.
AUDITIONS for The Full Monty are taking place in Melbourne, with producers having some surprising characters hoping to land a role. A team of chiselled fire fighters turned up at the Melbourne Theatre Company to do a fire inspection and decided to stay for a tongue-in-cheek audition.
–Fiona Byrne, Sunday Herald Sun

scambled egg and vegetable soup

Tuesday, March 4th, 2003

I made this the other nght and in fact have been making this for the last few years. It is great when you feel like something light. his is what I made he other night:
recipe for two to three people:
6 eggs beaten with a little milk and add some cummin, chllie, nutmeg. salt and pepper.
Chop up finelysome:
1 clove garlic
1 red chillie – optional (or two if you love that burn!)
3-4 shallots or spring onion whatever y’all call them
2 – Zuchini or 400g beans – chop the beans real fine/ zuchini in quarters length ways and then sliced fine
4-6 Mushrooms sliced fine
2 large Tomato’s chopped fine
grated cheese
Okay so put some oil in a fry pan or wok, when hot add the chopped garlic and fry then add the shallots and fry till soft. Then add the zuchinis or beans and heat through then add the mushrooms. Cook for a couple of minutes and then add the tomato’s. Cook until all the vegies have softened to the happy degree and add the egg mixture. Stir the veggies through and then add the grated cheese. Cook stirring occassionally. As you stir you scamble the eggs, but let it burn ever so slightly on the bottom as this adds really good flavour. Finaly you will note that liquid starts to come out of the mixture (thus the soup part) and at that point it is ready to serve.
Serve in a large bowl with some hot buttered toast. Sadly I forgo the toast now in favour of my waist line but damn it is delicious!