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Friday, May 30th, 2003

Comments on new posts to Paul’s Corner are now working. Beware–the last couple posts only look like they have comments. They are broken and will stay broken. I’ve put a new post up there myself so everyone can say hello.
Thanks for this goes not to me, but to Michal at Cornerhost. All hosting solutions will bring you pain–it’s a hard job to run servers for a variety of people who are running who-knows-what all. The difference is that Michal attends to problems personally. Hosting this site, and most of my other projects with Cornerhost has been one of the best moves I’ve ever made.

Cat here

Friday, May 30th, 2003

Sorry to barge into Paul’s blog…but here’s the scoop. While you cannot post comments on the posts you couldn’t post comments on before, you can post comments here, and hereafter.
Paul–please forgive for butting in–I know people are lonesome to post!

Defining Moments

Monday, May 26th, 2003

What is it that defines me?
My humour, compassion, anger, hate, love, fears, joys
my ability to think and feel
to be open to the revelations that come from that
to admit weakness
acknowlege strength
accept my failings
and hold conviction with my willingness to change
to succeed
What is it that defines us?

Administrative note: We are experiencing

Sunday, May 25th, 2003

Administrative note:
We are experiencing problems with the comments at Paul’s Corner. I’m working on it. If you’d like updates, please join the Yahoo group by sending a blank email to: [email protected].
Thanks for your patience.

I, Robot Paul is

Monday, May 19th, 2003

I, Robot
Paul is currently in Canada, working with Alex Proyas again as movement consultant on I, Robot. The screenplay for this adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s best known work is by Akiva Goldsman, of A Beautiful Mind. Will Smith has the role of human detective Spooner, and his robot partner Sonny will be played by Alan Tudyk–a nice break for the former Firefly cast member. Expected release date is July, 2004.

I’m gone

Thursday, May 15th, 2003

I am off to Canada to be the movement consultant for “I Robot”
I may be off line for a while as I have been for the last couple of weeks.
If you know of any good micro beer pubs in Vancouver then that is where you will find me. I will check in as I can.
Why is it that those that have, will not give, and those that do not have, understand the value in giving? It seems that people who have everything do not understand what value things hold and people that have nothing seem to value all things. Strange!
What do you value and why?

a good stroy

Sunday, May 11th, 2003

The truth often – always seems to get in the way of a good story.
I have been shooting an Australian TV drama here called ‘Blue Heelers’ It is a cop show and a very well regarded a high rating show here. I have been having lots of fun and since it is the first TV Drama I have done in over a year and a half I must admit to a great deal of satisfaction that I havent lost any of that spark for doing it.
But as I have been busy with that and some other stuff – My Guys and Dolls choreography is going really well and they open this coming Thursday.
But quickly I wanted to clear up the SMH article. God knows where they get this stuff. They are wrong – about the part I am playing. Yes I am doing the show but I will leave it to the producers to make the announcement when they decide to do so. But for you guys I just wanted to let you know where the truth sits – I was going to say lies but that seems like a pretty wierd way of talking about the truth – where it lies – see what I mean?
Life at this moment is really crazy and I lokk forward to letting you in on it but as usaul things are not certain – is anything in life? – when things are certain I will give you some good news. Meanwhile I am shooting the show and do not have time to read the site – sorry. I will catch up.
Been contemplating loss and surrender a lot lately – in a good way – life seems to be about what we lose and what we surrender to and what we are prepared to do for what price – emotional price I mean.
Peace to all

Paul’s Naked Ambition Paul Mercurio

Sunday, May 11th, 2003

Paul’s Naked Ambition
Paul Mercurio is set to star in the Australian stage production of the smash-hit film The Full Monty.
Mercurio, 40, star of the Baz Luhrmann film Strictly Ballroom, will play the role made famous by Robert Carlyle in the hugely successful 1997 British film. [editor’s note: this is not verified].
Comedian Michael Veitch, from TV’s Full Frontal and Fast Forward, is also tipped to be cast in the production, which will open in Melbourne in early October before moving to Sydney.
Read the rest of the article.
Thanks Millie for the heads up!

Two things

Monday, May 5th, 2003

1. Why do you blog?
2. Whats does your partner say and think about you blogging?

Paul’s Jalapeno Poppers

Thursday, May 1st, 2003

Jalapeno’s red and green 3- 4inches long
Philedelphia cream cheese
fresh mint – finely chopped
fresh chives -finely chopped
egg – optional
First make the beer batter and let it stand as it is said to improve. Now some people make a beer batter with egg and others dont – I cant remember what I did when I made this but I may lean toward leaving the egg out so as to allow the beer to come through a little more. Up to you. Just put flour and salt in a bowl and mix, then put in the required amount of beer and mix until you have a batter to your desired consistencey- not too thick not too thin.
Now you guys know me and so I would say use a beer that has a good fruity character. I would use a Red Rle or a Real Ale. For those in USA the micro brewery called Pyramid Brewery make a great pumpkin ale which would be delightful in this, there is also another really good micro beer called Red Seal Ale. In Oz use Mountain Goat Beer or Little Creatures or Coopers Sparkling Ale. You need a strong beer so as to complement and compete with the bite of the chillie.
Take Jalapeno’s and place under a griller (broiler?) The idea is to cook the flesh while scorching the skin. Once the skin is charcoled take away from the flame and place in a plastic shopping bag for 5 minutes. This sweats the skin and makes them easier to peel. Peel the Jalapenos leaving the flesh intact and the stalk on. Slice down one side and remove the seeds and the vein. Now stuff with the cheese mix:
mix cream cheese with the fresh herbs. The quantities are up to your taste buds.
Fill the chillie and then close the flesh over so as it looks like it is whole and intact. Dip into the beer batter, let excess batter drip off and then deep fry in hot hot hot oil until golden brown.
let cool but not cold – eat warm with a chilled beer preferably the same as used for the batter (unless of course it has been accidentally spilt – Evelyn???)