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walking in rings

Saturday, July 12th, 2003

The longer time I spend alone
the larger the cave of my thinking becomes
Loneliness expands.
The tendrils of my thinking extend beyond reason
exploring the hidden
discovering the obvious
and all the while growing larger and darker and more
cavernous with each moment left alone
in the dark my voice echos off unknown and unseen surfaces
thrown back at me in a guise oft unspoken
oft not listened to
Thats the thing, the longer you stand alone
the more you discover there is to discover
the longer you wander
the deeper you will find yourself going
and eventually you come face to face
with yourself
but do not be fooled
for like the rings in an onion (and the tears they bring)
or the rings that denote the life of a giant oak
so to the self that you meet
is but one peeling of who you are
the further you step within this unkown infinite space
the more layers you may discover to peel away
and the more intimately you may come
to understand your own self

passions of a pervert

Saturday, July 12th, 2003

I like looking at people.
I like looking at windows, shop windows
with those realistic dummies with realistic nipples poking out at you
I like looking at gourmet sausages and pates
I stand gawking at the fish mongers for hours
at the scallops, the oyster, the clams and of course the fresh and succulant
green lipped mussels.
I like to look at the fresh cuts of meat at the butchers
at their own selection of sausages and home hung meats
I like to look at those sexy pictures of tattoed woman on the front cover
of the latest tattoo Australia magazine
at the exotic pictures of a GSXR 1000 in full flight
monoing down the front straight of Phillip Island
or any race track for that matter
What eye candy – as some call it – inspires me
is connected to all my senses – and my non senses some would say
I am a visually erotic human male who requires, as one requires breath,
the erotic and sensual fuels that makes passion – absolute passion –
the essence of human existence
Passion: the fire in the belly that makes us more
than what we think we are.