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While I was out

Thursday, August 21st, 2003

You said:

stopped walking now sitting

Sunday, August 3rd, 2003

Sitting on my slowly diminshing backside – seems the three gym sesions a week and the walking to all the brew pubs have had some small side effects!!
I’ve been shooting nights over the last two weeks and then going back to day with a jump back to nights. Basically I am not too sure what day it is or in fact what my middle name is. I have had a foggy brain for a while and not the energy to write and say gidday. I have been reading ‘Myths to live by’ – Joseph Cambell – oh fog clear from thy brain, I think that is what I have been reading and no doubt while I have enjoyed it very much I cant say I understood very much of it but I trust that it will just sink in and seep out at the appropritae moment in time.
I have been doing lots of walking and lots of thinking – as usual – funny that one can walk so much and not actually get anywhere? I keep up ending up where I started – my hotel!! – but have generally finished up at the Dix Brew Pub before ending up at the beginning if you know what I mean.
I actually was invited along to help do a brew at the Dix. So I spent a day down there helping the brewer make his Blonde Lager. I had a great time and am greateful to Tony for the invite and for taking me under his wing and teaching me quite alot about brewing in a brew pub. There is a good brewing movement here and I have met alot of the brewers and some brewing teachers. Needless to say but I will say it anyway – lots of beer has been drunk accompanied with lots of discussion on brewing techiniques, styles, peanuts and thoughts on beer cafes. I cant wait to get my place going!!
Had a dream the other night that I had come home and got lots of hugs from my girls. Then I was in bed and I heard the bedroom door open and it was the girls with breakfast in bed for dad. I turned over stretched and sat up feeling terrific only to find myself sitting in my hotel room! Bummer! Soon Soon Soon
Some new people on the previous comments – I say hello , welcome and thanks for contributing.
Dennis suggested a new post so here is something I wrote July 15 and have been pondering:
“Should we grow, (as adults), according to the limmitations imposed on us as children
or should we throw away those definitions and develop new guidelines as best we can
should we continue to limit our future according to our past and blame yesterday for our failing today?
does it not make sense to begin anew, everday.
to take what we have now and work with it, mould it in our own hands and with our own heart of today, and become not according to the past
but according to the now.”