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article: week later

Sunday, October 19th, 2003

Part of me cant be bothered actually responding to the article. Its out there, people have read it and probably forgotten it by now. They have read whatever feature was in this weeks paper and that is it. But – I do want to make some comments and that is the part of me sitting here right now.
A lot of people have told me how good it was etc how honest, brave etc Yeah – you know me, tell it like it is without fear or favour or so I try. Someone actually said to me that they hoped I was happy with it. This made me think – why would I be happy with it? I think the journalist wrote a good article and got most of it right. Sorry Katrina but you didnt quite get it all right and I will address those bits in a minute. But why should I be happy. It is not a story that makes me feel happy and in fact afterwards I felt quite down and a little defeated by my story, more so because it is ‘our’ story – the story of an actor. It is also a bit of a rollercoaster ride. When I read it I felt quite removed by the fact it was my story and I guess by being back from it, it gave some room to the slap in the face of the reality it is. Happy? Happy is was told.
Re: precocious or principled – The fee I asked for was certainly easily commercially viable (I assume) to the producers of the dvd. It was a fair and equitable acknowledgement of the business side of things. What I mean is that after doing freebies to promote the film and their careers (and mine but often to a negative result ie the dancer guy) and after the film had grossed probably in exess of 150 milliion dollars I thought it only fair that I finally get paid to continue doing so. They declined as is their right and paid someone to blur my image. The fact that they never officially offered me any $ amount shows they had no intention of paying me nor in sharing any of the profits they may make on those sales. Smart business on thier part, they keep all the profits – except for payments to those other actors on points who I assume will get a share of them. Good luck to them. I hope they make lots of money. I would be happy to do stuff for them in the future – on a paid basis.
Re: Selling my Sydney Beachside Home – Let me be clear here – my story would be a pretty big winge if I bought my house from the proceeds of Strictly Ballroom. I was paid $35 000 australian to make the movie. Gave all rights up front and recieved no % points. I had to leave my job for four months prior to shooting the movie over seven weeks and then was not offered my job back (with Sydney Dance Company) for about two months after. SO do the maths – take out my agents 10% and spread the fee over the 8 months and I made $984 a week. Pretty good for a dancer earning $800 a week normally. But certainly not enough to buy a house.
I was lucky that after SB I did a couple of US films and one Aussie film that paid better than my first film and from those I was able to buy a house. I am so grateful for that and of course without SB who knows what would have happened.
re: the casting agent that doesnt want to be named – Gutless, gutless, gutless! I dont necessarily disagree with what they said because in fact it confirms what I have thought the majority of casting directors believe. But what is wrong with them not wanting to say who they are? I would have sent up a current video of my work! Read again what they said -“A casting agent, who does not want to be named, concedes Mercurio, to a certain extent, has been put in the dancer’s box, but says his limited acting experience had as much to do with [his lack of roles] as anything” I dont know if they actually know what I have done since SB. Currently I have been in 11 feature films (7 as lead including being nominated as best actor in one) and played lead roles in 12 TV dramas (including being nominated most outstanding actor for one role and another TV film winning an Emmy award) mmmm….lack of roles?? Do you think the casting director actually knows what they are talking about? That is probably why they dont want to be named.
But wait, there’s more..
I may not be the best actor in the world, thats fine, but I am a good actor and as for the range comment….how would they know? If it is the casting agent I think it might be then let me tell you that I have never auditioned for them for a feature film – never, and they actually have cast about 95% of the Aussie feature films over the last 10 years. I wont name who I think it is in case I am incorrect but if they wish to get in touch with me I welcome it. The thing with range is opportunity. If I (or any actor) am not given the opportunity to get in front of casting directors, directors and producers so that I can show them what I can do or even give them a glimpse of where I can go with a scene or a character how would they know what I am possible of achieving??? They may think I dont have range because they have never seen me in anything else – why – because they have put me in a box and decided that is where they like me to fit and they – I will say that again THEY decide what I can do without in fact giving me the chance to show otherwise. I believe that it is the casting directors duty of care to actors and the audience to grow, develop and nuture the talent in this country – both new talent and older talent. It takes nothing but time (and thought) to have people come in and audition but if a casting director (or producer or director) lazily subscribe to the pidgeon hole….. I guess ignorance is bliss and they achieve nothing thus our industry is floundering at present.
and…while I am on this subject, a casting director whom I do not know and was not given thier name asked my agent the other day after my agent suggested me for a role this person was casting said “Paul Mercurio – can he act?” This person should not be a casting director! It is thier job to know the industry and the talent and I believe the potential of that talent but then that would suppose the casting director would have to have some talent themselves!! Disgraceful!!! Imagine if I turned up to an audition and didnt know my lines or had no idea of the character I was playing!! Get it together!!! Nuff Said.
Re: The Full Monty – just confirming that I was not approached to play the role. I went through the three audtitions like the other guys and won the role fair and square. I certainly appreciate David’s belief and support in me and am really pleased to have the opportunity to be working with him. When I read what he said it struck me how people with talent recognise the talent in others and are so often gracious in that. I guess the fact that they have been through the same mill has a lot to do with that.
Re: The Big Break – I’m smiling, I am singing, acting and dancing again and I am happier than I have been for a long while. That is a big enough break for me for the moment. What happens next is an unknown. I am looking forward to it in an easy and relaxed manner, in a positive and healthy way, knowing it will happen in it’s own perfect time and for the highest good of all.
the journey has began

We’ve had a ton of

Saturday, October 18th, 2003

We’ve had a ton of requests for pictures–thanks everyone! We have to close requests now. Pictures should go arrive in 6-8 weeks.

New Interview, Autographed Photos Paul

Monday, October 13th, 2003

New Interview, Autographed Photos
Paul sent in a great article from The Weekend Australian. It’s an in-depth interview, and one from the heart.

News paper article

Sunday, October 12th, 2003

I had an article in the Weekend Australian (a major aussie newspaper) come out this weekend. It was a bit of a bare my sould type article regarding me and life and career etc I have some things to say about it but I thought before I do I thought I would ask Cat to put a link up so that PC’ers can read it so that they know what I am talking about and responding to.
Hopefully that link will appear below (thanks Cat!!!:))

And here it is.
This is a wonderful article. Thank you, Paul, for sending it along!
Speaking of sending things along–I caught the bit in the comments about requesting autographed photos, and wanted to put it more up front. If you’d like a photo, send your name and mailing address to me at [email protected].
10/23 Update: Per the front page, the photo offer has been closed for several days. Thanks everyone for your requests. Sorry to those who got in late, I’m sure the offer will come again.

Fucking Sundays

Sunday, October 5th, 2003

More to the point Sunday nights! I remember as a kid hating Sunday nights and always feeling depressed about them because they signified the end of the weekend – of freedom, of carefree living. Sunday night meant school on Monday morning. It is not so much I hated Sunday night but the feeling regarding the future that tomorrow would bring. The wind bag teachers, the bullies, the school yard insecurities and the fear of the not finished homework.
It is Sunday night now and I feel just the same as I did so many nights ago. Tomorrow I have to face the music again. Just as my kids go back to school I have to go back to the world after having a few months off. I have to sort out some contracts, develop some relationships, put my plans on the line and generally put myself up so that people my take a clear and concise aim ready to shoot me down as they see fit.
Where does my will fit into all this? Well it wants to stay on holidays with my kids. It wants to stay in the back yard bouncing on the trampoline, making a mess in the kitchen cooking cakes and generally just being carefree as only holidays can make one feel! But, it is fucking Sunday night and it must all come to an end, is coming to an end, has come to an end. Tomorrow is a new day full of the excitement of the world and full also of the overwhelming sense of how small and insignificant I actually am.
It’s okay, we all struggle to make something of ourselves that is the point of living, it’s just that Sunday night always seem to be the night that the distant battle cry is heard.
So to battle I go, love is my sword, faith is my shield
and the promise of a bloody good weekend at the end of it
drives me on, forever on
but geeze, sometimes I really hate fucking Sunday nights!