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beer scrambled eggs

Sunday, January 18th, 2004

I came home last night starved after doing two shows and there was nothing obvious to eat so it was time to chuck together some various left over bits and make a meal.
I had made a batch of badly spiced moroccan chicken strip – too much cinnamon and cayenne pepper – two days ago and I still had some left so I chopped some up. Then I chopped up a zucchini and threw it in a hot fry pan with oil and gave it a good browning. Then I through in the chopped chicken and a chopped tomatoe. While that sizzled I beat two eggs together with a good splash of Coopers Sparkling Ale and threw that in with the chicken and veg. I quickly grated some cheese and mixed that through the eggs and stuff and presto something hot and comforting to eat – and it tasted pretty bloody good. Of course I had lots of spice from the chicken but the beer in the eggs added another dimension of malt sweetness and that combined with the melted cheese just lifted everything elso to yummy delights. You could use any left over meat and add whatever spices you want. Give it a go and tell me how you went.

Catch up

Sunday, January 18th, 2004

Okay I wanted to talk about TRUST for this post but instead I will do a catch up.
Things are good! I actually really enjoy going to work – now that is not something you have read in any of my other posts I am sure!
I almost feel bad about being happy – note I said almost – the reason for that is I have not been writing here because I am not in the need for grumbling about the sad and sorry state of my wandering direction. I have direction and I have creative activity and I have songs to sing and dances to do. I have people laughing and enjoying and I have cast mates to work with and play with and learn from and then I have a family that is missing me but also extremely proud about what and how I am doing it.
My girls came in to the theatre yesterday, they had actually gone to see the Flying Fruit Fly Circus next door at the Concert Hall – that show finished and they had time to come into our theatre and watch the last fifteen minutes of the show. I could see them sitting up the back of the audatorium beaming their beautiful smiles and watching dad get his gear off!!! They see it at home so it is no big deal to see it at work however my youngest Erin likes to cover her eyes and moan in embarrassement when we do the deed… They gave me a million kisses when it was time for them to go home and they kept saying they wanted me to come home instead of doing another show but all the same you could see the twinkle in their eyes because their proud of me and I suspect they are happy because I am happy.
So being happy and being busy has not left much room for writing here. I think about it alot and I have subjects I want to talk about – hey I will get around to it. But getting home at 12.30 am is not the best time to jump on the computer. When the girls get back to school I will have a little more free time during the day.
All of our reviews were really good but we havent quite had the bookings we would like. People are still only gettting back from there Xmas break so hopefully soon the bookings will go huge. The audiences love the show. Absolutley cack themselves (Peter may need to explain that one) It is so great getting up 8 shows a week and have the audience laughing and participating in the show – talk about FEEL GOOD – I dont know if we could get tired of it? It is a long run so I will keep you posted on that side of it but it is kind of rare as a performer to have such immediate response and such joyful response.
I have also got back to working on my Beer Cafe Brewery and have been looking at potential sites as well as getting quotes on breweries. It is going to be a mighty good year!! Mind you they all are it’s just this one so far is much less grim and far brighter than some of the previous ones – know what I mean?
Talk Later

Congratulations to Paul on the

Tuesday, January 6th, 2004

Congratulations to Paul on the opening of The Full Monty!
Here are some news links about the show:
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After the Ball (great pic!)

Happy New Year!!!!

Thursday, January 1st, 2004

First things first: Happy New Year to you all!!!! My Xmas wish I say again to you all – well you can read it again!! But I wish you all light this coming year!!
Before I talk about the wonderful night we had last night performing the preview!!!! I am going to ask that you go back and read my new years post from last year. As usual it caused good discussion and some disagreement but I went back and read it this morning. AND guess what? I made no resolutiions but I did make my affirmative action plan and from where I sit this first day of this new year I can tell you I totally and completely fulfilled that plan.
It helps that I have finished the year on a complete high but the journey of getting to this place – this high – has been one of tough negotiation between me and faith. Has included long hours hunched over a beer, a book, pen in hand and deep discussion between the three of me – ego, spirit soul. Some sweat, some blood, lots of pain, heaps of anguish, quite a few laughs too. I can safely say, sitting in this new year, that last year I visited some pretty deep dark valleys within me and I quite frankly didnt know if or how I was to get out. But I stuck to my affirmative action plan, took small steps which are really big steps in disguise, I held to the idea that a step in any direction is a step in the right direction and kept moving however painfully slow, directionless and futile it felt to be.
I took leaps into the unknown, I put my hand up when all I really felt like doing was hiding in the smallest darkest closet I could find, I stepped up, I stepped out and I tried. I continuely searched for that safe haven within my self, that place that resonates with the complete being that is me, that echos with the total conviction of self – I know me, I believe me, I FOUND ME! Mind you to get to that safe haven it would seem that you first must completely lose yourself, deconstruct yourself before you can then put yourself back together in order to find yourself. Not sure what is so safe about that? Bloody frightening might be a better descriptive! But I did find myself!
Great hey! I feel pretty damn good. I fulfilled my affirmative action plan and even better ended the year on a high. Those of you have been along on my journeying will know that it has been a while coming this high and I am under no illusions that this is a state I should try and hang on to. That would run the risk of going against my affirmative action plan for this year which I now embrace. For my challenge (and yours also I might add) is to continue to grow, to continue to nurture, to continue to discover, to continue to pour forth my positive light into the darkness of the unkown that is tomorrow, to continue to love, to laugh and to smile whilst I take my small steps (which are really big steps in disguise). I shall continue to embrace change and be open to those gifts that change brings.
I look forward to making and sharing this journey with you – my family here at PC!
Happy New Year
PS the show was great! The audience was great. I wasnt nervous at all and it was such a buzz to sing in front of the 1700 people that attended the preview. Importantly my Mum, My wife and my girls were there and some really good mates (and my brother I felt sitting out there in the audience too) It felt right! It felt Good! I was terrific (of course) and I am sure I could feel Millie singing along with me!! Thank you for your best wishes and just before I went on I thought of you all and took you on with me! Now for the hard slog of 8 shows a week – ah when one challenge finishes another begins. Fantastic isnt it?!!