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weight loss secrets of the fat then skinny

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

While I am gone I thought you all could share your weight loss secrets – how you did it, exercise regime, diets that work and those that didnt etc
over to youse….

busy busy

Thursday, July 22nd, 2004

I start my choreographic work tomorrow and I fear that I will be missing from here for the next month. If I can get the time I will pop in but I will be puterless 🙁
I held my first beer dinner last night. It went very well, I was pleased, the patrons were pleased – we had about 44 people. The good thing is after last night I now know what and how I can do it better so the next one should be good!
rotoscoped??? what on earth does that mean? and does it hurt? If you mean something like motion capture they did – and I would think that they have actually used me underneath a robot or two. (this was to Cat in response to her post on the previous post)
Hopefully I will get some more choregraphic work from the film especially in the States then I could pop in for a visit – Party at the Goddess’s house!!! and then breakfast at Millies!

I Robot

Saturday, July 17th, 2004

I was and still am pretty chuffed with the article Cat put on the web site. I didnt think I would get a mention, hey its a big movie with a big star so to get a mention and a compliment for the Robot movement was both a surprise and an honour.
It makes me hopefull that I will get some more of that type of work and hopefully in the States. Fingers crossed.
I spoke with the director of the film this morning. He said he was happy with how the movie turned out. I am going to the premiere next week so look forward to seeing it.
Yes I did devise the movement for the robots. (Someone asked in the other post – I know most of you know what I did) I am credited in the movie as the “Movement Consultant”. As I came up with the basics of the Robots movement I am excited to see what they actually used in the film. But from what I have heard regarding feed back such as the robots had a dance type feel to them then I am thinking maybe the animators used my ideas. I will see soon!

is it just me

Saturday, July 17th, 2004

or is it true to say that the guys seem to be getting a bit of a hiding on the site of late??
Iron nerves in deed. The fact of the matter is that us blokes really are a simple uncomplicated folk. Take Jo(in Texas)’s list and I need say nothing more.
As far as women go I cant work you out but that is okay I am dedicating my life to working one of you out – my wife, and am pretty sure that I will get there eventually or die trying. She on the other hand my have me worked out which may or may not be a good thing. It usualy means she knows how to get me to do things!! But some times I dig my heals in and just plain refuse – like gardening!
Yep – naked, chicken wings, a six pack and dont block the tele – sounds like heaven to me!!
I went through a period of cooking naked for Andrea – pre kids of course – thought I would give her a treat! Not such a great idea when you are doing a fry up….mmmmm you get some oil burns in some pretty delicate places!
And before anyone talks about the hygiene aspect of cooking naked let me say I am a dedicated hand washer. Once you have chopped up chillies and then had a little scratch somewhere you dont do it again and you also tend to remember to wash your hands before and after scratching, chopping and cleaning!!!

‘I, Robot’ employs Asimov themes,

Thursday, July 15th, 2004

‘I, Robot’ employs Asimov themes, modern tricks
By: Dan Bennett – Staff Writer
Nobody can predict yet when mechanical devices will rule the world, but the years Isaac Asimov described in his book of short stories “I, Robot,” will be here sooner than we think. So keep a wary eye on your toaster.
In the film version of the much-loved Asimov stories, the year is 2035, the place is Chicago, and robots serve humans in most humble ways – runnings errands, cooking meals, keeping a daily schedule.
There’s one fellow who wants none of it, though. Del Spooner, played by Will Smith, is a homicide detective who trusts robots about as far as most folks can throw one. Spooner had a terrible experience involving a robot, and despite their scientifically guaranteed loyalty, Spooner treats them as even less than second-class citizens.
A new case will bring the emotionally troubled and physically tired Spooner even closer to robots, though. The world’s leading robot scientist has committed suicide, and Spooner is convinced the killer is one of the scientist’s own creations.
Spooner is also suspect of the large corporation that manufactures robots, but slowly convinces the robot-adoring scientist Susan Calvin that something is up with the robots, that they aren’t behaving as they should. Of particular concern is the robot Sonny, played by Alan Tudyk, who feels emotions and dreams, both robot no-no’s.
When an army of upstart robots does indeed attempt to seize control of humanity, Spooner and Susan must figure out who’s pushing the buttons on this revolt before these ultra-powerful machines take over for good.
“I, Robot” is a summer-movie special effects and computer-generated bonanza, with cool modern devices that transport people, and a space-age Chicago. Likewise, the robots are a treat to watch in action, especially when there are dozens in a scene. Paul Mercurio, the actor-dancer of “Strictly Ballroom” fame, was hired to choreograph the robot movement, and it’s a kick to observe.
“I, Robot” benefits from the intact Asimov theme of humans needing protection from themselves —- whether they asked for it or not – and other ideas suggesting our moral compass must stay more accurate than our technological precision, if we are to survive.
Too many bang-bang fireworks in the last third of the film gnaw at any tension built, though, and “I, Robot” becomes more concerned with its visual wows than its storytelling techniques. For reference on how it’s done properly, see “Blade Runner,” where such synergy is masterful. Still, “I, Robot” maintains its ability to entertain, and Smith’s easy likability helps the film through. Meanwhile, let’s hope 2035 comes later rather than sooner.
–North County Times

blank brain blank screen

Monday, July 5th, 2004

So often I sit looking at my screen blankly as it blankly looks back at me. Me like it has a lot going on behind the facade of nothingness. It shines forth, like me but does nothing, like me. All this stuff is going on, electrodes warming up, tubes ready willing and able, millions of colours ready to grace the screen and transport me to worlds hither to unseen but the screen blankly goes no where, like me.
I look at the screen my head swirling with a myriad of thoughts, feelings -(feelings sadly being a hangover!!) and emotions and there is just too damn much for me to let out. It is like a Pandoras box. If I dare let a little out I will be swept away by a torrent of thoughts, feelings and emotions that will ravage you, my dear reader and leave me breathless and empty. And worse!!! I am still try to think of what the worse is but believe me it would be pretty bad!
Often I sit here looking at you looking at me as you wonder “when is he going to write something” and I wonder – how can I write all of this that I am feeling? It is not safe, sane or appropriate. How can I even start to type what I am trying hard to not feel and trying even harder to keep at bay that which I am.
I miss you.
Yet I am so full as to be bursting at the seems and in being so full I excise my fullness and thus sit before this blank screen feeling well emptied. Reflecting back it’s emptiness and not knowing where to start I get up and leave this room to put the rubbish out and dont return.

come to your senses

Monday, July 5th, 2004

What is your most important sense?

Actors in a shindig MELBOURNE

Saturday, July 3rd, 2004

Actors in a shindig
MELBOURNE actors are counting down to the biggest party of the year.
Some of Melbourne’s biggest names have joined more than 35 independent theatre companies to create the inaugural Love It Ball, with the public and industry figures invited.
Casts from major television shows, including The Secret Life of Us, Blue Heelers, Neighbours and Stingers, will be at the ball along with actors Sigrid Thornton, Paul Mercurio and the stage stars of The Producers.
Event director Chess Winters said it was designed to celebrate the biggest and best independent theatre scene in Australia rather than being merely a fund-raiser.
“We all know that the independent theatre industry has never had money and probably never will, but we all just thought it was about time to have a big glamorous night for all the people who work so hard,” Winters said.
Tickets cost $90, with $50 going towards the independent theatre of your choice and $40 towards the event.
At least 1000 people are expected to attend the Moulin Rouge theme party that will include gourmet food, drink and music (including some surprise guests) at the St Kilda Town Hall.
–Sunday Herald Sun

July US Television Schedule Strictly

Friday, July 2nd, 2004

July US Television Schedule
Strictly Ballroom:

Sat  Jul  3  09:00P on Sundance Channel
Sun  Jul  4  05:30A on Sundance Channel
Tue  Jul  6  02:00P on Starz Family
Tue  Jul  6  09:20P on Starz Family
Wed  Jul  7  08:00A on Sundance Channel
Wed  Jul  7  05:30P on Sundance Channel
Sat  Jul 10  06:50A on Starz Family
Sat  Jul 10  02:00P on Starz Family
Sun  Jul 11  06:00A on Sundance Channel
Sun  Jul 11  04:55P on Sundance Channel
Thu  Jul 15  12:45P on Starz Family
Thu  Jul 15  07:00P on Starz Family
Fri  Jul 16  01:20P on Sundance Channel
Tue  Jul 20  10:30A on Sundance Channel
Tue  Jul 20  07:25P on Sundance Channel
Sun  Jul 25  10:50A on Starz Family
Sun  Jul 25  05:20P on Starz Family
Fri  Jul 30  07:05A on Starz Family
Fri  Jul 30  03:15P on Starz Family

A new musical featuring the

Friday, July 2nd, 2004

A new musical featuring the music of the rock group the Ramones will debut in Perth, Australia, in August.
Featuring songs by the famed rock group and a book by Michael Herrmann, Gabba Gabba Hey! will play the Monkey Bar Aug. 17-21. Andy Goldberg, who helmed Off-Broadway’s Bomb-itty of Errors, directs with choreography by “Strictly Ballroom” star Paul Mercurio and musical direction by Tommy Ramone. The creative team also features David Larwill (set design), Vicki Sheppard (costume design), Mark Howett (lighting design) and Rex Ranieri and Gavin Tempany (video FX and sound design).
Read the rest of the article at Playbill News