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A natural High

Sunday, January 16th, 2005

No it is not the natural high that I would really like to be having! You see my natural high is high blood pressure. It rather frustrates me that at 41 and relatively healthy – I excercise, I eat well, drink well, am concious of said exercise, food and drink and yet here I am with high blood pressure. It is usually about 150 over 90. It does slip down the scale 130 over 85 and it occassionally goes in to first stage hyper tension.
Truth is I have always had high blood pressure. I was aware of the fact when I was in my early 20’s superbly fit but had a weird thing going on with my white blood count. Doctors couldnt work it out then but I think I got better – well I certainly have been feeling pretty good since then minus the odd up and down.
So what to do about it? I was hoping to ignore it and I might just be okay but my doctor has caught up with me and is not putting up with that frame of mind. I have just had a blood test, urine test and an ecg. I have a 24 hour pressure monitor on order which when I get it I wear for 24 hours and it takes my blood pressure reading every half hour and records it. Armed with this and my test results I guess we will work out what the next step should be.
I dont want to take any meditication for two reasons – side effects and side effects but then as my doctor pointed out not dealing with the issue has its own side effect!
I reakon it is hereditary. To have had it for so long would suggest that but I dont want to close my self down to the possibility of fixing it by saying it is hereditary and therefore nothing can be done about it.
I dont want to admit either that it is of my own making. If I do that it then means it is of my own making to fix it – which is good news – but it also means that my way of life is the cause and I therefore will have to change my way of life and that is a fairly big ask. Mind you I am sure Diane would have some pretty good words to say about that.
A friend of mine who is heavily into yoga suggested I breath out of my left nostril for 31 minutes every morning as soon as I get up. Mmmmmmmmmmm. I was kind of hoping my tai chi would help me with this issue but to be honest I havent focused my self on it as well as I would like to. I get the hint.
So I would ask for your experience and remedies. I am interested in the varied drug treatments as well as the natural therapies available to treat high blood pressure.
There go I step into tomorrow armed with information.

New Day New Year

Saturday, January 1st, 2005

Thankfully no hang over today! I had a fun and spontaneous evening with Andrea, the girls and some friends. No drinking today – give the liver a rest and give the new year will power a try out.
I wasnt in much of a celebrating mood to be honest. This time last year I was in such a different space and I certainly didnt see that I would end the year as I have. It is all rather depressing.
So whilst I feel like I would like to get all the depressing, maudline, fearful, negative and plain hopelessness off my back, talk about the crap and the uselessness of it all, I think instead what I will do is talk about what I have to look forward to.
I am finding it hard though. To creative a positive future you must have a positive attitude and my positive attitude feels rather under inflated at the moment, a bit like a hot air balloon with out enough gas it aint gonna get up! (There are two rather bad puns I could make about that last sentence but I will leave it to you instead)
So the truth is I have finished the year – which started so wonderfully – in the worst shape ever. Home life is great, family life is great – they are always my strength. But I also take strength from my working life and that is giving me no nourishment creatively or physically. So I am hoping that as I started 2004 strong and finished the year washed up then for 2005 I will go from where I am now to strength to strength and finish the year at the top of the various mountains I have in front of me and with a really healthy bank balance!
I really have no idea of what is ahead. But as I have seen in the past even when you think you know what lies ahead you actually dont.
I do know that I need to get my beer into a lot more bottle shops, Gourmet Delis and resturants if it is to survive and indeed thrive.
I do know that I am going to keep striving to be the best that I can be in all I do. I will keep persuing my dreams, I will keep laughing and loving. I will continue to find those moments of joy along the path. I will continue to step up, to embrace change and remember to say thank you. I will always be grateful for the opportunities I have, for the gifts I am given and the discoveries unearthed along the way from moment to moment. I hope, trust and pray I am able to share all this with others.
I dont no what lies ahead other than the continuing adventure of this journey called my life. I only know how I will travel it – one step at a time and each step taken with love and with joy.