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Lifes Complicated

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005

It aint easy hey. you dont seem to get it right and you always seem to get it wrong. What you did what you didnt do, what was said yesterday and what was meant for tomorrow. What happened yesteryear and what didnt and why! Sometimes it all seems too hard. I cant deal with the failures and the forgotten success of what was and what came to be, to be what is real today but not what is real back then – although if you look at it the signs where there all along.
Life hey!? Its peaks and valleys, the various roads we travel and backtrack and blindly (and stupidly) follow again. History can be retold one thousand ways and never the same way twice. Me thinks the prophet that tells the same story over is one who has never actually lived. If one lives one loves and loses, one makes terrible mistake and hopefully doesnt lose and one survives the journey but not the lesson. That is how it should be.
I have survived and learnt much but sadly have probably forgotten more but then that is the balance for if I had remembered all I was supposed to I reckon I would be done with this world by now.
I raise my glass to the journey – the glass being niether half empty nor half full though be both – and make a toast:
may your feet fall where god intended
and may your sword be sharp
may your spirit be strong
and your beer draught long
for that is what god intended
be happy not sad
nor sorrow but glad
for tears
are but a cry for the past
tomorrow is gone
and today is long
and yesterdays
lingers to last
So may your feet fall where god intended
and your spirit remain intact
your soul protect
the path you trecked
for that is what makes you
who you are

FIF Tonight

Monday, February 7th, 2005

I am thinking of every one in Florida tonight and wanted to send my best “CHOOKAS” for a fantastic show and evening for you all.
Just to clarify “chookas”, that means good luck and break a leg but you dont actually say that to a dancer so you say CHOOKAS!! instead!
Great to hear from you all over there and it sounds like it is more fun and fulfilling than I can really comprehend but I am getting the gist of it.
My thoughts to you all. I will be floating up the top of the auditorium and sharing the festive spirit.

Mercs Own Web Site

Saturday, February 5th, 2005

Cat has done a great job on the web site for Mercs Own Brewing Company. It is still in development with a few more buttons and pages to be put up and some photos etc but I am sure you will agree it is looking pretty damn good!
Thanks Cat!
I have been spending a fair bit of time on the road visiting bottle shops, nightclubs and pubs giving them samples of the beer and trying to make sales. It is going slowly but proving it’s worth. I hope to get the beer up to Sydney in the near future and a deal making that a reality is in the works.
I thought being an actor was a hard gig! You are always putting yourself out there to be at the mercy of the madening crowd. Well getting out with the beer is much the same. I have been doing tastings at a night club and everyone has there opinion about the beer, the label, the marketing, the brewing and the price!!! Always a hairs breadth away from a rave or a rant – I am not sure my fragile state can take it! Cant be good for my blood pressure which by the way is strangely better?! I have cut out all added salt and have been successful in having two alcohol free days a week (working toward 3) and on my drink days trying to not down as many as usual. I do think the salt has been a real key so life style change is locked in for that one.
Dancing with the Stars starts this coming week – looking forward to it. Havent heard anything about the dancers so come Tuesday night as the audience see’s the performers for the first time so will I. Living on the edge with live TV.
I hope Brian is able to conitnue posting the show for all to see as I know everyone really loved that and I am sure you will all second me on thanking Brain for his effort and generosity.
I wont see you but you will see me… oh and check out: