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Happy Birthday, Paul! ——–

Thursday, March 31st, 2005

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Trouble keeping up

Monday, March 28th, 2005

I have missed a few anniversaries – Mil and Ellie, The Timmer… Babies been born, weddings being had – life just keeps on going doesnt it. No waiting around for anybody to catch up.
I often write blogs as I walk the dog or ride the motorbike to meetings only to find that when I get home and come out to the office and write (rewrite) the blog it has gone, the moment has been expressed, the bus has left and I am not on it. I guess that is the idea of a blog – except of course you are supposed to write it down! But it is about expressing it, feeling it and then moving on from it. Gee I have had some great blogs over the last couple of months and some not so good ones. I have also had my head down and been getting on with it, trying to sell my beer and build a brand as well as continue to plant seeds and proactively create that which I want in my life.
Is it working? I think so. When you look at the top of the mountain whilst standing at the bottom and see yourself standing at the top and the vision is very immediate – bang you are there!!! The journey however is long and sometimes it feels that you are going in slow motion watching all the things you strive for, wish for, work for seem to be rushing past you as you take one careful step after the other. My life already resides in some forms at the top of the mountain – that is part of creating the goal and the reality of getting there, the rest of me often feels as though it has missed the bus.
Dreams, goals, desires, wants, needs are the whirlwinds that surround the honey of my life – sweet but sticky.

A funny thing happened on the way home from the race

Thursday, March 10th, 2005

Yes it is all done over and finished! I have had the week of training, the two qualifing sessions and the race itself – in fact I have had an absolutely awesome time!!! It is such a magnificant event and now I have been lucky enough to do it twice!
The celebrity race at the Australian Grand Prix is what I am refering to. A heap of past winners and place getters were invited back to have a best of the best race to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the grand prix being held in Melbourne. There were 4 past winners and a couple of seconds and thirds with a smattering of past favourites – so I wouldnt really say it was a best of the best but it was pretty stiff competition.
We get put up in a hotel on the Sunday and are kept there until the following Sunday. This is so we can concentrate on the training and the media calls during the week of training. You need to concentrate on the training because we are in fact going out to race a car at high speeds in very close proximation to other cars and in some cases too close! I have never had an accident on the road but I was hit by other cars several times during my training and on race day! Talk about exciting!!!
Any way the training was fantastic – any one living in Victoria or NSW should make the effort to do the BMW driver training course! The week was daunting exhilerating, frightening, competitive, challenging, fun, rewarding, fascinating and really really enjoyable! To cut a long blog short I was very happy with how I went. I was considered by trainers and competitors to be one of the fast guys but I wasnt so sure. Luckily they were right and I qualified second fastest and therefore second on the grid for race day. James Tomkins the winner from last years was very good and consistent was on pole and I knew would be hard to pass let alone beat! There were a couple of guys behind me that I knew could and would give me some real trouble and they did! Come the race James took off with a good start and slowly pulled away from me. Guy Andrews – past winner and Iron Man – couldnt get by me for the first lap but on the styart of the second came in to turn one too hot and used me as a braking device almost sending me off the track. Thankfully I hang on but had lost my momentum into turns two and three and so I watched guy slowly pull away. By the way he set the fastest lap ever for the ten year history of the celebrity challenge!!!! I recovered my momentum but not quick enough and I had Steven Bradbury – gold medal olympic speed skater and previous second placer -right on my clacker for a couple of laps. I was faster in some corners and could pull away but he was deeper on the brakes in other corners and closed up again. End of lap four he came in a little too deep and gave me a kiss on my rear bumper. I had the corner lined up very well and so got a really good drive out and down the straight where as Steven lost his momentum from the touch up and I pulled away from him to keep and take third spot on the podium!!!!
So the three guys on the podium were fittingly past winners from previous races. Hard fought race for me. I am really happy with my race and my place and that takes me to my topic: Some people are really happy for me and enjoyed the race and the fight for the place etc but quite often I have had people come up to me over the last couple of days and shrug their shoulders and look at me questioningly and say…”what happened to you, how come you only got third…. you should have caught them and passed them…” etc etc
Just for the record I would have if I could have but they were too fast for me on the day – they were the only two people out of the 26 racers on the track that were faster than me that day! My goal for the week was to go for a win and if that didnt seem opportune go for a podium!
I realised my goal, am happyand proud. I thank the trainers and my fellow racers for a magnificant week and I congratulate everyone for bring the cars home safe. James and Guy congrats well done – lets do it again sometime!