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never rains….

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

I have finished Dancing With The Stars. The series is finished and we have also shot two specials called “The Judges Verdict” The first special is on the boys from series one and two and then the second special is on the girls from series one and two. They give an insight into the judging and I guess the judges!
I have also started shooting on a food and produce TV show for channel 7. It is called the Food Trail. I am the host and basically travel around Victoria looking at all the great produce and meeting with and talking to the people that are the driving force behind the scenes and about the produce and their work and lives. At the end of each episode I meet up with a local chef and together we make a dish each using the produce from the show. I am shooting this till the end of May. I have just finished shooting an episode and cooking with a chef. I was a bit nervous about it all especially as the dish I was cooking I had designed on paper but had not actually cooked it. Added to that was the increased pressure that the dish was to be served in the restuarant that night as part of the set menu!! To cut a long story short – the dish was really good and all the customers loved it! I will post it on the recipe section soon.
Today I begin judging Dancing with the Stars in New Zealand. So I will be flying to New Zealand once a week for the next 8 weeks to do the show live on a Sunday night. I then fly back to shoot all week on the Food Trail. So I think over the next 7 weeks I will be working seven day weeks!! What a change hey:)!!
Lastly – well the end of my news but not the last job – I have been offered a feature film shooting in July. It is a made for TV tele movie shooting over 16 days which they may take to cinema or may not. It was so good to be offered the lead role rather than having to go through the whole audition process. I am sure it will be fun. I cant tell you the story as I may ruine the twists and turns.
Finally Dancing With The Stars in Australia are already planning the third series starting in mid October – so I have a job from then through to the end of November. Yihah!
So from being a little bleak around Xmas/New Year things have certainly turned around and I hope will continue to keep going like they are. Now I am looking for a job for August and September and then as usual looking to the New Year for the next gig.
Somehow I have to get out and keep selling my beer, get the right approval for my smoked meat product that I want to sell commercially and set up my beer cafe!!! We may have found a premise last week which is very exciting.
I would keep writing, however I have to catch a plane in an two hours, the airport is just over half an hour away and I have to pack !!
Hope all of you are well. Sorry I have not had time to catch up on all the goings on. I will have a little time on Sunday and hope to find an internet cafe in NZ and catch on all the news!

Our Loss

Sunday, April 3rd, 2005

The following is an excerpt from The Age Newspaper:
“Nine Australian personnel were killed yesterday when a Sea King helicopter crashed on the island of Nias. Two others were seriously injured.
The chopper crashed yesterday afternoon while on approach to Amandraya village on the remote west coast of Nias.
The Sea King helicopter had been ferrying an emergency medical team from the Kanimbla to the village as part of relief efforts to outlying areas of Nias following a devastating earthquake on Monday”.
My thoughts go to the families who have lost loved ones and also to the two survivors one of whom I understand is in a critical condition.
These men and women were normal every day people nothing out of the ordinary sorts of people just doing their bit to help those who were in need of help. In short – they are Heros! I am sad that they paid the ultimate price in offering and bringing help to those people so badly affected by the earthquake. Their mates back on the ship and in the other helicopters who are no doubt morning the loss of their friends and work mates are also right now contiuing to fly the very same mission to the affected areas and it’s people. They too are Heros!