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looking through the book

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

I almost always carry a writing book and pen with me wherever I go and especially when travelling. One of the joys I get from this is when I go back over the pages and find little thoughts scribbled across a beer and pizza smudged page. It is also filled with sketches of my brewery cafe, house renovations, possible recipes, menus for beer dinners- in short filled with snapshots of my journey. Some dont make sense and they arent meant to, they are merely thoughts that meander and intertwine with others which eventually will one day find completeness somewhere down the path.
I found this the other day:
positive begets positive
fear covers the light of positivity
and in darkness
grips tighter the unknown
renders helpless the adventurer
and suffocates all possibilities
it is not a choice but a non choice
a giving over of power
the unknown is not powerless
nor am I within helpless
for to trust in the unknown
is to take power back from fear
to embrace the light of positivity
is to eradicate the facade of fear
and journey on into the unknowable
with faith
that what ever may come
you will succeed.
as always food for thought and a reminder of where I have been and where I know not I am going.

just a thought

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

I am not disgusted with myself. It is just that I embrace life and on occassion a little too fully! Well better that than not enough or worse still not at all!

Too long away

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Good to be busy, even better to be loving what you do! It has been a long time since I have genuinely felt completely content with my working life. Sadly it will all change again in a couple of weeks when I film my last episode of the Food Trail. But that is the nature of this business – you work like a dog and then bang it is all finished and you are back out looking for the next gig. Cant weait for the Food Trail to be on the TV as I think it is going to be a great show and of course I am hoping that the network love it as much as I do and see the advantage to having another 26 episode under way and filming asap!!!:)
New Zealand is going great also – the ratings are terrific and the dancers and the NZ team are excellent.
Finally got down to Bar Botega for a couple of excellent examples of New Zealand micro brews – Fuggles Bitter, Monks Habit, Emersons 1812 (I think) Bookbinders Bitter, Tuatora Strong Ale and a few others that I can not quite recall…. yes it was a bit like that! I will be heading back there as often as I can. I also love the Wellington Brewing Company for it’s good beers and welcoming atmosphere and as it is right on the wharf and harbour the walk to and from it is really peaceful and relaxing.
Keep an eye out on the recipe section as I am soon to post some of the great (well I think they are great) dishes that I have invented and cooked on the Food Trail. I have cooked them for some very renowned and good chefs and so far they have all been eaten and none sent back!
Time to get on the plane.