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Paul has been nominated for

Saturday, July 30th, 2005

Paul has been nominated for a Helpmann for his choreography work in Annie Get Your Gun.

Could Rant But Wont

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Bloody right to life’rs!!
Why is it that they think they have the right to dictate to others how they should live their lives. I know I have ranted about this before but these bigoted people keep cropping up to take a stand in things that they have no right to meddle in. They are entitled to their beliefs but they are not entitled to make me or anyone else live or die according to their beliefs.
From the moment we are born we begin the long and exciting journey to our death – this is called life and we do it through living/dying. If we have a right to life we equally have a right to death – it is in essence one and the same. Balance and Harmony.
Right to life’rs want to take away our right to choose how we wish to live. They have a right to life I just wish they would go and embrace it fully and do something more worthwhile for human kind than try and take away peoples ability to make the right choices for themselves.

Got to be a lesson in it

Friday, July 29th, 2005

I was at a pub having a beer and some lunch and as often is the case writing in my trusty note book. I had just finished writing an affirmation “I Create Wealth” when the waitress came over and appologised handing me a card and saying that with every lunch order you get a card entitling you to a flutter on their pokie machines for free. I hate pokies and with that first thought in mind I handed the card back politely saying no thanks.
I bit into my bread and cheese and had a swig of my Becks Draught and thought what am I doing giving back an opportunity to create wealth?? At the very least someone just offered me a couple of dollars for nothing – okay I had to use it in their pokie machines but I could have won a couple of thousand dollars from that.
I resisted the urge to go back to the waitress and ask for the free card back.
Two days later Andrea and I and the Kids were walking around our holiday destination when I was apporached by a girl giving out free scratchy cards. They were for a holiday company doing some advertising ect so Andrea scratched the card and guess what we were winners!! We had scratched the three of a kind and we were garuanteed to win one of three prizes – a $500 flat screen tv, or 7 nights accomadation at a five star holiday resort or $1000 cash BUT there was a catch. In order to collect the prize we had to go to the holday company’s office with the whole family and sit through a 60 – 90 presentation on how we could save money on our next holiday, with the next available time being 4pm (it was at that time 2.30)
I also noted that the prizes came with conditions attatched, dont know what they would be but I wasnt prepared to waste half a day of our holiday finding out so I threw the scratchy card in the bin and had a lovely day with my family.
Wealth comes in all shapes and sizes and how you create wealth is certainly serendipitous.

Helpmann Awards

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Just thought I would take a moment to brag. While I was away I was contacted by my Agent to tell me that I have been nominated for a Helpmann Award. I have been short listed with three other talented individuals for the award of “Best Choreography in a Musical” It is for the choreography I did for the musical Annie Get Your Gun last year.
The announcements are made Monday 8th August so I will let you know the outcome. I dont think I will get the gong as the amount of choreography in Annie Get Your Gun was minimal compared to the other three show and choreographers nominated but I am certainly choofed that someone thought so well of my work to nominate me.
If you want to check out the awards here is the link:

Congratulations on a shoot well

Friday, July 29th, 2005

Congratulations on a shoot well done–Paul has just returned from filming for the television movie Reality Check. The film is for Australian television. No air date yet.

Old Habits

Thursday, July 28th, 2005

It is both strange and frightening how quickly you can settle into the old patterns of your life. Sadly often those patterns are the negative patterns that you have enjoyed being away from.
I have just come back from shooting the movie Reality Check. I had a great time!!!!!!!! Working with the director was an absolute dream – although we may have had one too many beers on one or too many occassions! The other members of the cast were great! The crew were terrific! It was a quick hard shoot and I loved every minute of it. My family came up to where I was shooting and at the end of the shoot we had a fantastic little holiday – not long enough really but excellent family time and fun.
Now I am back home and within a day of being back all those familar habits have decended upon me – you know those habits, the what if’s, the dread regarding what is next, the concern about how we will get by etc. I dont need to be worried just now I have some good work coming up – mind you from mid November I have nothing lined up (yet)and that frightens me BUT… the ease of which I embraced life whilst shooting and doing something I love doing and am fairly good at compared to the grating of all things tomorrow which I find I have slipped back into living dismays and astounds me. It goes to show that old habits dont die they just wait around to pounce on you any chance they have.
I like to walk and often when I am down I walk which often means that when I walk I get down!! Follow me? Good thing is I know I do it and that it is a pattern – a pattern I have decided to throw out!
Being the creature of habit that I am I am going to replace the bad habits with new good habits.