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A letter to Phil

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

Gidday Phil, thank you for perservering with your email to me!! I am sure you know what it is like – or perhaps not, so therefore I am not actually all that sure – when you are in a funk mood and you get an email from a friend or even three but youre still in a funk mood and you cant bring yourself to answer because all you are going to do is spread your funk all over the world?! Know what I mean? That is how the bird flu started! Well it might have any way?!
Mate I am in a funk and have been for a while now! Things are good – I finally finished my tax – two years late but done – I am working, my profile is good, people are loving what I am doing, kids are doing great, my wife loves me and we are doing good – yep everything is good………but I am in a funk. Crazy really isnt it. Often when things arent going so well – often being the operative word in the sentence – you still remain funk free so why I am in a funk? I have several causes I can pin point but none of them really fit.
In short I am in a funk because I am not so happy with ‘me’. I realised this today, which is great because now knowing this I can now set about fixing it. The thing I havent quite worked out is why am I choosing this funk and how in fact do I go about finding out what in fact the root of this funk is and then how do I fix the funk! I am sure there is a mathamatical equation that would sort my dilema out – how is your maths by the way? If you know an equation – not just any equation like 1 + 1 = 11 but one which may be more helpful to working out the sum of my funk then I would be grateful if you could email it to me fairly soon!
Hey! May be that is the equation!! Two things don’t always add up to what you expect they will, therefore a funk descends because what one expected the outcome to be didn’t actually add up the outcome that eventuated and therefore the shortfall in experience is equated to a shortfall in ones self thereby producing a mathemetical black space – hereto and otherwise known as a funk! (stop and take a breath)
Thanks mate!! I really should have emailed you sooner!
With love and a lurking sense of funklessness – well an easing of the whole funk cloud anyway.
your mate

Having a bit of a negative run

Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

The last couple of weeks I have lost that positive edge and have been feeling rather down and negative. So I thought I would write a list and get it off my chest:
1. Why do perfect strangers (imperfect in fact) and vague acquaintances think they have the right to comment on my weight? Of course I don

Did you recently send fanmail

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005

Did you recently send fanmail to Paul, only to have it returned?
There was a mixup at the fanclub PO box, which I have recently corrected. I’ve verified that we are now receiving mail. If you have a returned letter, I hope you’ll re-send it!