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Wednesday, November 16th, 2005

Gidday Guys!!! Yes I have been busy and I hate to admit it but I have completed our third series of DWTS without even mentioning here once.
I have actually been spending a fair amount of time on another forum….. It is a beer forum so please dont be jealous, they are not interested in funks or poems or some of the more deeper aspects of life instead we discuss the longevity of cracked grain, fermentation temperatures and the affect of hot days, how to build fermentation fridges and what yeast is best suited to what beers etc. I have been doing a fair bit of brewing with my new ‘all grain’ brewing system (mashing system) developing and researching my own recipes for Mercs Own Brewing Company’s next beer. Sadly that means I am also having to sample lots of beers which then means I have to go to the gym which means less time to get on PC!! Rest assured PC is never far from my mind!
I have also been busy with my Mum visiting for a couple of weeks, then Andreas Mum for a few days then my sister – out from Vermont – for several weeks, then I went away for a work function for a few days!!!! My sister comes back for antoher week and then I go away for a couple of days over the next few weeks.
Things are good at the moment – well lets face it in a lot of ways things are always good just sometimes you spend a little bit of time looking at the things you dont like and would like to change and thus the funk decends. I could talk about a few things that arent going the way I would like, I could talk about some of my plans that have gone south, I could talk about the frustrations I currently feel regarding quite a few things but I cant be bothered! I can talk about my relief that all are well after the hurricanes that have swept through the US. I would like to welcome the newbies that posted on the last post – yes Vivienne I read the posts and some times even reply! 🙂
As often I think about posts I would like to make but once thought through and written in my head I move on from them. You can probably tell I am on the go – the energy is surging and I have quite abit to do today. I need to listen to some music as I am choreographing a waltz tonight for a group of people who will be dancing at a fund raiser I am a part of next Sat. I need to clean out some kegs and then fill them with two beers I have brewed – 1 an apricot wheat beer and 2 a peach ale. I need to make the usual phone calls and emails and then think about what to cook for dinner (got to cook early as I will be out for the evening and I dont want my wife going hungry!).
Oh my daughter Elise had to be rushed off to hospital last week to have her appendix out!! It was all unexpected! The charity event I went to Perth for last week was for Ronald Mcdonald House – where people with kids suffering from cancer can live and get support whilst they are going through their treatment. We raised $375000 on the night!! I visited the house on the morning of the event and met a wonderful 6 year old boy called Ben. His mother told me that they rushed him off to hospital with a suspected appendix but instead found a stomach full of tumours! How fragile life can be and how quickly can it all change. I thought that could just as easily have been Elise. Ben is doing well and they are awaiting the news of how successful the treatment has been – I wish him well! Elise is fine, it will take a little bit of time for her to get back to 100% but she is on the way.
I have raved enough! I must get back to work. You may wonder why the title of this post is Tattoo? Well I am looking for a drawing that I am considering to get as a tattoo. I am looking for a really colourful Pheonix Rising picture and I was hoping you guys might be able to help me find one. A Pheonix rising from the ashes.
By the way does anyone know how many tattoos I currently have?

New head on brew NEW

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

New head on brew
NEW IDEA magazine had plenty to celebrate when they held a party at Sumac at South Wharf, Southbank, to welcome new editor-in-chief Robyn Foyster to Melbourne and toast eight consecutive readership increases.
The Bollinger flowed and guests were treated to an exclusive preview of Merc’s brew, a new beer made by Dancing with the Stars judge Paul Mercurio. I’m no beer fan, but by all accounts it wasn’t a bad drop. Guests included Ann Peacock and Michael Kroger, Amber Petty, Andrew O’Keefe, Peter Alexander, Mercurio and Brodie Holland and bride-to-be Sarita Stella.
L’Oreal provided a glam powder room for guys and dolls to indulge in a little pre and post-party freshening, but the most popular treatment was a long foot rub after a night on the dance floor.
–Lillian Frank, Herald Sun 15 October 2005