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See you next year!

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

Well talk to you next year!!
Ive been to the movies with the family then down to the beach for an evening swim (43 degrees today!!) Just got home from a party and have to feed the kids and have a champagne with the wife!!
Next year is only two hours and eight minutes away. I had a few things to say before we got to the new year but I will save them up for the new year instead. A new year of blogs, thoughts and adventures we can share together. I look forward to it!
To old friends and new friends I wish you love, joy, health, harmony, prosperity and an abundance of all things positive. Tomorrow is a new year – live it like its the first one, thats what I am going to do!
To the journey ahead!


Sunday, December 25th, 2005


Merry Xmas

Saturday, December 24th, 2005

Boy it has been a busy couple of weeks!!! Brewing beer, doing some fix ups around the house – I put a new roof on the back section of the house!!! Outdoor type laserlite roofing so it is not as good as it sounds but I sure was pleased. Been doing lots of shopping for pressies and food and all is set and ready for a lovely day tomorrow.
My family is not religious – so there really isnt any religious significance to the day. But we are spiritual and tomorrow is about the celebration of who we are as individuals and more importantly for Xmas day, as opposed to birthdays, who we are as a family. We all look forward to tomorrow as a day to celebrate life and our lives together. There will be much laughter and loving, cooking and cleaning, playing and resting. There will be rejoicing in being together, sharing time and gifts and reflecting on how lucky we are to have each other and how lucky we are to have the lives we live.
I will reflect on how lucky I am to have this site – Thank You Cat – and how wonderful it has been to live, laugh, love and grow with every one here!
I wish you all a wonderful Xmas in which ever way you celebrate it. May laughter and love fill your homes and your hearts.

18 today!

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

Yes it is Andrea and My 18th wedding anniversay today!!
Still in love, still married, still having fun, still enjoying each other and the life we have together, still making plans, still willing to change and grow, still laughing….
Yep it has been a great 18 years and I expect, hope and commit to the next 18 being just as good and most likely better!

morning winge or prayer?

Tuesday, December 6th, 2005

A film I am in called Day Of The Roses is playing on cable here this morning. It is a good film and I was nominated for the Australian equivlant of an Emmy for my performance as “most outstounding actor in a lead role” It was for a Logie. I didnt get it but was very honoured to have been nominated. As an actor it is frustrating to know you have the goods and the perfomances for major roles etc and then be offered two scenes in a movie (as well as the press writing that you are starring in it) On top of this when I went tot the set for Razzle Dazzle the director came over and we had a chat where he told me wuite seriously that he thought I was the best actor in a two part mini series that was on TV last year. It had a lot of very good Australian actors and although my role was small compared to some it was pivatol. He was completely serious that in his opinion I turned the best performance of the lot!! I am gratified to hear that BUT how come the director has bought in an English actor to playthe lead in this picute? How come he didnt give me a shot at playing the lead character in this film??
Okay I am wingeing!! I know that I am not right for every role, it would just be nice to have a shot on more. It would be great if directors and producers considered me for lead or supporting lead for their projects. I love it when they comment on how terrific a job I have done on film or TV projects I now ask the universe to translate that in to acting job offers and leading roles.

No starring role

Monday, December 5th, 2005

I really hate it when people/jornos see that I am in a film and automatically jump to the conclusin that I am starring in it and then write an article saying I am starring in the movie!
Actually I really hate not starring in a movie!!!
So to put the record straight – I am not starring in Razzle Dazzle – far from it – they wrote me into TWO scenes playing myself. Each scene was shot on different days so I effectively had two days working on the film for good old equity minimum $. I did it for a bit of fun and to get my face out there, always like to be in front of a camera and you also get to meet other actors, producers and director which may pay off some where down the track.
It was very wierd playing myself but I thought I did a really good job of capturing who I think I am 🙂 LOL People on set thought I was quite good at playing Paul Mercurio so I may continue on playing that character!!! I just wish I had his money! and his looks but not his fat ass though!

Stars set to Dazzle Dancing

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

Stars set to Dazzle
Dancing With The Stars judge Paul Mercurio is to star in the upcoming Razzle Dazzle, a mockumentary about the travails and turn-ups at a dance school.
Thunderstruck’s Darren Ashton is directing what promises to be a Best In Showstyle, fly-on-thewall feature. Oyster Farmer’s Kerry Armstrong, Denise Roberts, Nadine Garner and Englishman Ben Miller are also on board.
10 November 2005, Michael Bodey, The Daily Telegraph

A Symphony Vote WHAT an

Friday, December 2nd, 2005

A Symphony Vote
WHAT an absolutely fabulous night at Melbourne Town Hall where Melbourne Symphony threw a wonderful Viennese gala.
Twinkle-toes Paul Mercurio had coached a small group of supporters in the waltz and they showed their skill, or lack of, before the rest of us took to the dance floor for the rarest of treats, dancing to the MSO.
Funds raised will go towards the MSO’s 2007 European tour, part of the orchestra’s centenary celebrations that start in December 2006.
Caught up with cellist Faye Goldsmith, who has been with the MSO since 1970, following her mother, a violinist with the orchestra from 1939 until 1960.
Being a musician was inevitable, she says, and her grandmother was a piano teacher.
Auctioneer Phil de Fegely, at times bursting into songs from the Sound of Music, conducted a live auction. He was helped by Ian Cover. It raised more than $100,000, double last year’s amount. “Darlene,” on the phone from New York, bid for the chance to be maestro for a day, paying $15,000 to conduct the orchestra at a Sidney Myer Music Bowl concert.
Soprano Amelia Farrugia, who had two changes of stunning Linda Britten gowns, entertained.
MC Virginia Trioli, Amelia Farrugia, Susanna Caetani and other MSO women also wore gorgeous frocks by Ms Britten.
Guests included Eddie Lim and Geraldine Hunt, Rod and Paige Fitzroy, Elizabeth Proust and Brian Lawrence, Trevor Green and Mairi Nicolson, Susie Wills, Maestro Oleg and Susanna Caetani.

Andrea said…..

Thursday, December 1st, 2005

……there is no easy way to get through hard times.
Very true.