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Learn to cut the wax

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Learn to cut the wax
DO you sorely lack the slink of a samba? Cannot develop the rhythm of a rumba?

If so you will be relieved to discover Geelong’s third annual splash!dance Festival begins tomorrow, which includes a range of classes and workshops for the dancefloor deprived.

The festival takes place at the Geelong Performing Arts Center and is a four-day celebration dance with classes ranging from tap, ballroom, Latin and cheerleading.

Strictly Ballroom star and television personality Paul Mercurio is a special guest of the festival and will serve as a judge on the Australian Choreographic Competition which takes place on July 1 at the Ford Theatre.

The competition is for non-professional, senior students and semi-professional dancers.

Another highlight of the festival is the Kids Dance Day Out which features workshops for children aged 6 to 14.


Wednesday, June 28th, 2006



Sunday, June 11th, 2006

You know… the thing is…
I still miss you
I still see your face
your smile your curly hair
I still hear you arriving
at my house on your motorcycle
and remember well
how the whole family jumped up excitedly
and ran out to greet you with hugs
and smiles and declarations of love
And today… almost six year since…
I stand at a bar in a pub having a beer
and think…
who could I ring to say hi
who would I like to catch up with
and your face flashed
in my minds eye
and the empty space in my heart
all the pain and hurt still raw
but also frustration
for it is just not possible
good bye my brother
good day my pain
you are gone
yet I remain
and that
is the legacy
of suicide

1 through 7

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

1. A mistake is a bad decision
2. A big mistake is a bad decision for the right reason
3. A really big mistake is a bad decision for the wrong reason
4. A really big fucking mistake is not learning from your past mistakes
5. Stupidity is doing it more than once
6. Idiocy is not saying sorry
and Lunacy is thinking all is okay whilst repeating steps one through six in any order.

You and the Flame

Sunday, June 4th, 2006

Do not put yourself down – there are more than enough people willing to do this for you
nor be your own judge – for it stands to follow that you must then become the executioner
and no matter what you do as judge and executioner you are pretty much damned –
you must pass judgement and you must punish – a spiral that has no merit or good in it.
It is a sad fact that there are many that will gladly make you feel bad about yourself
pointing out your flaws, cracks and faults – all the while feeling better about themselves
while there are few who will sincerely praise you for being the special person you are
all the time encouraging you to be happy and positive about today, tomorrow and yourself
The choice is always there and it is always yours to make
in ways it is an easy choice to make and yet in ways it is the hardest
easy because there is only two – to choose or not
hard because it seems to fly in the face of the norm
like swimming head on into an oncoming tidal wave
everything is pushing you in the oppostie direction you have chosen to go
wouldnt it be so much easier to just go with the flow?
easier perhaps
In all of us there is a light – people call it soul, god, love, instinct, positivity
i call it me – the power of me
my soul, my god, my love, my instinct, my positivity
my choice
This light shines in you and it is for you to choose how brightly or dimly it burns
the judge and executioner would have it burn hardly at all
for the less you make of your self the less there is to pass judgement on, the less you can be punished for
Those that put you down do so in order to steal this light from you
not to add it to theirs but to keep you from revealing them to themselves
The tidal wave would have it swamped and put out all together
for if you have a light in you it may show others the way through
if you hold the power of your own self and choose for it to burn brightly with in
then you can turn back the tide
because only by being dimminished can others swamp you
or illness take hold of you
Your choice
I ask that you choose to hold the flame within and allow it to burn brightly
allow that power to fill you, to become you
allow it to radiate around you and encompass all within you
choose to make use of your positive, creative and healing energy
for that is what you are
a truly creative being full of soul, god, love, instinct and positivity
be true to yourself
take comfort and strength in knowing
you have the power
for you are the light