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Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Do you fulfil yours? Well I certainly dont in the spelling department!! Maybe I have a brain tumor because I certainly have had some difficulty with my spelling lately!
But… what is your talent, do you fulfil it? – by the way the American spelling for fulfil is fulfill – fuck it is confusing I know I am an Aussie and yet our spelling is so screwed up between the English and the US versions and the rest of course!?
Do you accept your talent (for some reason I am thinking of you Evelyn?)Do you understand it, do you embrace it in the face of negativity and or adversity.
Some would say I am talented and yet I am just doing what I do and not nearly enough of what I would like to do. I accept the gifts I have as being normal, am frustrated about not being able to get out there in the way I think I should or deserve but remain humble in the face of adversity – although sometimes I think that I am weak, I should just beat the fuckers up!!! Yes I am swearing I have had a couple of wines and am feeling loose liped or should that be lipped or even lip’ed – see what I mean?
Do you accept your talent, do you embrace your talent, do you accept you for who you are?
That I can answer – yes I do – but I also feel the pressure to be or become that which they think I should be – maybe I would be more accepted, maybe I would work more… but would I be happy with me. I have been dreaming about this lately.
So do you or dont you accept who you are and do you embrace the talent that you bring to the world? Abeth? Kelly? Peter? Grand Ma? Diane? Dhi? Cat? 🙂