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Self Saucing

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

Yes as it is my birthday today I do plan on doing some self saucing – perhaps lunch with the family at a little pub we have all gone to a couple of times and then later a little bit of champange before dinner.
I also called this topic self saucing as I know people will be sending me a birthday wish and so I have made room for them here which makes me feel like I am being self serving! Thank you in advance for your thoughts and best wishes! (boy will I have egg on my face if no one posts a birthday best for me!!!) – (perhaps I will post one to myself under an assumed name!?)
Yep I still have my mental faculties at 44!
Taught two dance classes yesterday and I am rather pleased to say I bounced around the room and off the floor – although at that stage I was a relatively spritely 43. I am glad to report I can still dance the pants off the youngens! After classs I was getting changed and chatting to a couple of the boys in the change room and one mentioned he had just had his birthday, I asked how old he turned and he answered 20 I replied I was turning 44 tomorrow. I cant say they were all that impressed however I was – 44 and still bopping. It is funny as I dont really feel all that different to when I was 20 – actually thinking about it now I do! God when I was 20 I was pretty much still a boy, fairly dark and moody in a positive kind of way. I am quite happy being 44 (there is no point not being happy is there?)I have a wonderful family, have no idea what is going to happen next but am planning fantastic things!!
Yes 44, I am very excited about the future and I will keep you posted on how it all turns out!

Friday, March 30th, 2007


Things I have learnt…

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Some times no matter how hard you try people get hurt, this is their choice.
Be careful when working with so called friends, they ask you as a friend to do something and dont pay you , then ask you to do something for a “mates rate” and then dont respect your professional opinion nor the care that you put in to their project. They burn themselves.
It is not about being selfish it is about making sure you are travelling along the road of positive growth – it is your responsibility no one else’s. A hard call often times.
Loyalty is a great concept that has only served to limit my ability to get ahead.
Change is a good thing, fear is not.
People who talk at you and people who dont listen are not good partners/friends sadly they make up at least 99% of those out there.
Respect your parents – for they are barometers to most of your problems. The rest you have created all by yourself – congratulations.
Never argue when you are drunk – sadly this advice is hard to follow when you are drunk.
Make up when ever you argue – sadly this advice is hard to follow when you are drunk.
Dont get drunk – too late when you are ….
Life is going to challenge you dont take it personally.
Thank the universe for the gifts it bestows, the percieved good and the bad for they are all lessons you apparently need.
It is natural to have disappointment in the choices one makes in life but do not live with regret, to do so suggests you have not learnt from your mistakes.
Remember you have more friends than enemies – this is an untruth.
Ultimately you are alone in this journey.
Choose wisely.
Wisdom comes from angels and can touch you at any time – believe and it is possible.
Love – for there is no other option and besides it feels good!
Have faith – it is a worthwhile investment.
added 12/03/07
Dont lie – you are worth more than that.
Be honest – especially, and often the hardest, with yourself.
Lead by example, live by example – this is more often thought of as integrity thereby live and act with integrity.
Be accountable – no one made you do it.
All choices are yours.
Tell those that you love – you love them and remember to tell yourself more than occasionaly.
Accept you.

Lets hear your voice

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

To those of you who have seen the Food Trail and liked or even loved it and would like to see more then I would humbly ask that you write to channel Seven saying as much.
We are currently screening in South Australia with the Victorian episodes then followed by the Tassie eps. We are also screening in Victoria with the Tassies eps. I am constantly asked if we are going to do more and would dearly love to do more (we are ready to go shooting now!!) we just need a bit more financial support to get it all happening.
So write or email to channel Seven and with any luck they will realise they are on to a good thing and throw their support behind another 26 episodes.
Stop reading this and go write a letter!
My thanks and appreciation 🙂