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Monday, April 30th, 2007

I am sorry that I have only posted one entry in this last month, and not too many over the last few months. Truth is I have been undergoing what I would describe as fairly huge and significant changes over the last 6 months. I kinda accidently bought a house, then I had to quite definately sell the house I had been living in – god what a nigt mare!! People say or it is commonly accepted that moving house (and you may as well allow buying and selling) is akin to dealing with a death in the family. It was a very difficult time! We were thinking about renovating our exsisting house and realised we couldnt afford it when we found a house that was close to perfect – perfect meaning good for now with the option to make it better tomorrow – so we bought it and then had to scramble to sell our exsisting house. To cut a long story short we sold after much work, stress and panic for a good price – at last we were a good luck story!! Moving sucks! We have moved 10 times over the last 20 years and I am thinking I dont want to do it again any time soon…. well unless…. We moved into our new house in december.
I also made a pretty huge change, and certainly a very difficult change in leaving my agent and going with a manager. This process was without doubt one of the most dificult and personally challenging and painful I have been through of late. I didnt shy away from the responsibility of my decision and made sure I fronted up and was open and honest in my dealings – but shit it was difficult! It is a business desicion – I need to grow my business -which is me – and it was time to bring someone on board that could better facilitate that. Lets hope I have made the right desicion (is there such a thing?) It is – as all things are – a risk. So I have been consumed with stress, change, some pain, the constant of the unknown, the search for continiuing faith and the endless road that is life but has no god damn roadsigns to let one know where one is or where one is going!
This has been going on since December and doesnt look like abating any time soon.
As I have said before I dont mind change in fact I like to think I embrace it in a positive and joyous way but by golly it is testing to ones spirit!