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A Revelation

Sunday, May 20th, 2007

Way too often the affirmation is: I dont want (insert here that which it is that you dont want)…… Which is basically of no use as the universe only hears the I and then the bit starting from “want” as that is our conditioning. ie I (dont) want (insert that which it is you dont want but the universe has heard that in fact you do want)…. thereby the universe gives us that which we say we want (dont). We are conditioned by life to achieve that which we want but we do not hear the dont part of it and so too often we create and attract that which we (dont) want.
The revelation is in how we say it. If you insist on talking in the negative then take the want out of it as that is the driving catalyst. The want is not the most affirmative statement – lets face it, to want is to not have and therefore preclude for if you had that which you want then you wouldnt want it. Stop wanting and start having!
Therefore if you say (as I do) I dont want to drink – the statement becomes – I dont drink.
I dont want to hate – I dont hate
I dont want to lose – I dont lose
I dont want to give up – I dont give up
I dont want to fail – I dont fail
I dont want to die – well forget it because we all do but you may as well as say…
I dont want to die unhappy – I dont die unhappy
See what I mean?!
The next step is…. I want to put it in to practise…..which becomes … I put it in to practise!
Be a do’er not a want’er.
I wish I had the guts. (I have the guts!)

When is a good time to pull ones finger out?

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

This week, next week or perhaps the week after? It is a little too late to suggest last week although that was given serious consideration.