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Sunday, July 15th, 2007

We have a current affairs news style program here that is doing a people voted “what is the best dance scene in a movie” type viewer voted thing. So I would ask every one here to make a vote on what is their favorite dance scene from the list they have provided.
It is under the “Vote: scene stealers” on the right hand side of the page:
I am not telling you how to vote, just asking that you do:)

Just thought I would let you know

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

I dont have a chip on my shoulder I am just plain angry at some people.
And deservedly so!

guilty pleasure

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

Hmmmm…. I have quite a few guilty pleasures which I will list below eventually but I thought I would start with breakfast: occassionally when I make pancakes for the girls I make the last bit of batter a really big pancake which I keep for myself. I then fill it with freshly fried thick cut double smoked bacon and role it up in the pancake and then pour lashings of Canadian Maple syrup over it!! YUM! Bad for me? probably! Makes me happy definately.
What is your guilty pleasure?
I will tell you some more of mine if you tell me some of yours!

Unimaginable Tragedy

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

A young woman, she has suffered epiletic fits all her life. She found love, a partner and happiness. She became pregnant and suffered no more fits. Eight months ago she had a beautiful baby daughter who was the apple of her eye and also the apple in others eyes. She did not have a fit during her pregnancy nor once she had her baby – life was good. Yesturday morning she was bathing her beautiful baby daughter thriving on the bond that motherhood brings soaking in as always the pure joy that is motherhood. She suffered a fit and when she awoke from her fit she found her beautiful daughter dead – drowned in the bath.
She is a relation of mine and she is now suffering as are members of our family.
It is an unimaginable tragedy.
No words, just say a prayer if you will.

The Uncle Bob Principal

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Uncle Bob was (he died many years ago) my mothers brother and one whom she seemed to share a particularly close bond with. I first remember meeting him when we travelled by train from Perth to NSW – 3 days and then caught the bus to where uncle Bob lived – 6 hours – with his wife and 4 kids. We had a lovely holiday walking on the beach – I watched my mum in horror as Uncle Bob pried an oyster off the rocks and shucked it there and then for my Mum to eat. At dinner Uncle Bob would give us Bob’s blood to drink – a mix of lemonade and red wine – he was great. At the time I didnt really have a father as we didnt have much to do with my Dad so I quite liked Uncle Bob and his slightly quirky ways, ways in which my Mum was quirky too. I was around 12 on that trip.
A few years later when I was 14 or 15 I had a bit of a crisis in my life. I didnt have a male figure in my life. I didnt have some one to show me how to shave – I actually wanted to shave my legs but my Mum said no! Also I was broke. As a single parent family with no income, four kids and living on a pension and receiving no money from our dad we were pretty broke. I used to knock on the doors of the houses around where we lived and ask if there was any work I could do. It was okay, I would get milk and cookies and maybe 20 or 50 cents. But as a 15 year old I wanted a surfboard and there was no way I could afford that. So perhaps in desperation and seeking some support and advice and money I wrote to Uncle Bob and told him of my woes. Of how life was tough and how I didnt have enough money to buy a surfboard and that work was difficult etc. I guess I poured my 15 year old heart out to some extent. I wanted him to buy my surfboard for me but more than that I wanted him to save me.
I never got a reply.
Not getting a reply hurt me and disappointed me as I had hope and I identified with Uncle Bob. But it also galvanised me in that it made me realise I had to get up and do it for myself. No one was going to magically do it for me, it was up to me to make things happen to get up and get going. Six motnhs later I bought my surfboard – yes it was a slightly beaten up used one but I had worked for it and it was mine. (A year later I bought a brand new one).
I understand about doing things, making them happen, about having a dream and working towards it and for it. But I still seem to be looking for my Uncle Bob. I need help, I want support. I still feel like that 15 year old boy with a bunch of dreams and still all alone. Back then I had my Mum who was a great support and I could not have acheived what I have with out her love and support. Now I have my wife and family whom with out I would not have acheived that which I have over the years. But it frustrates me that at 44 I am still looking for my Uncle Bob to save me. I have a bunch of ideas that I am persuing but need Uncle Bob to take them and me to the next level, a level that will make them successful and profitable.
I need a business partner – someone who shares similar passions as I do and who is wanting to back my food and beer ideas with business accumen. I look around at people doing what I want to do and see that they have people around them, backing them supporting them driving them and exciting them.
For what ever reason I am all alone.
I wonder why I am doing that to myself?