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on the eve of new year’s eve’s

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

lI reckon it is a good time to reflect on that which we are grateful for over the year past. Dont reflect on the stuff that we didnt want or didnt like, instead reflect an that which we were lucky to have in our life, the stuff that made our day worth while, that helped us focus on the longer picture to our daily health and wellbeing. Let us rejoice in those thngs and those moments that allowed us to be us and gave us strength to ever continue the move forward in our lives.
Praise be the lord I may say but I personally dont believe in that phrase – instead praise be they that have commiited to bettering themselves over the last year and may they continue. Praise be they who made a difference, praise be they who gave it a go, praise be they that gave this year their best and may the year ahead give them strength and courage to continue on their journey.
What is it that you are grateful for this year.
For me it is the lessons learnt, the opportunities given, the challenges overcome, the challenges ongoing, the fact that I have made the changes even though they were hard. I am grateful to my wife who loves me but doesnt always like me and visa versa there by we challenge each other to continue to grow and the love of my children which also challenges me because I have to learn the lesson I most wish I didnt have too and that is to let go. Such is life.
A new year is coming and with it all the uncertainty that the unkown carries. I have weathered the storm many times over and have never known how I can, do or continue to. But ultimatlely I trust in the universe even though it may not know what it is doing. It is like when I go surfing and I catch a big wave ( or even a small one) at some point you get dumped and you get pumelled by the wave and all you can do is go with it, let it take you and pummel you until it gives up and lets you go at which point you raise to the surface gagging for air grateful to be alive some what frightened by the ordeal and then paddle out to catch another wave regardless. That is life in a nutshell and I am grateful that I can have a surf.
Thank you for the journey and thank you for the lessons – I am grateful for the life I have and the friends I have here.
What are you grateful for this year?

I ‘m Back

Saturday, December 15th, 2007

Yep, I have been away shooting my new food show – which I cannot say much about at this stage but I will say it is called Mercurio’s Menu and I am shooting 13 episodes due to go to air from Feb 2008! It has been a while since I have been out on the road shooting and it was a bit of a shock and challenge to get back into day in day out shooting mode. I was also away doing a charity event in Perth which was great as I got to stay with my Mum and see my Brother, his partner and two kids – oh and new dog!
It is funny that there was a period of time this year where over a five month period I only had seven days paid work and yet I also hosted about 5 charity events where I donate my time. There is a certain irony in that that I find amusing – the panick of wondering if I will lose my house balanced out by the fact that I am helping those in more need than myself. Keeps your feet on the ground and life inperspective doesnt it?
As always the life lesson that I find to be my continuing and constant travelling companion is to choose happiness and that happiness comes from within.
Thank you to everyone that sent Happy Anniversary thoughts and wishes! I almost cant believe it – 20 years! I dont feel that old but the truth is Andrea and I now have a daughter that is 18 and finished her high school career, our other one is starting her last two years of highscool and th eyoungest is about to start her high school career and is therfore done with primary school!!! The other truth is Andrea and I still Love each other and look forward to the next 20 years.
Things change, no point resisting that, just embrace it, make the best of it and enjoy the ride – or I should say choose to enjoy it rather than choosing not to.
For now I choose to go and do some house work!