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I love…

Sunday, January 20th, 2008

No not the stuff in the can but the film! We – the family – watched it for the second time last night and it just lifts the spirits, makes you smile, brings a tear to the eye and makes you want to sing, dance and smile like crazy!
Thank god, the universe and all that is for movies like this.

The Truth About Abuse is…

Friday, January 11th, 2008

that it is always lurking, ready to jump out, rear it’s ugly reality and knock you down again. Yes they are memories, yes it is past but the ripple effect of that past is as real today as the abuse was yesterday. It comes in waves washing up on your shore when you least expect or want it.
On top of that it is the indirect flow on, the relationships that ebb and flow on the outer ripples that in time often hurt the most, which continue time and time again to hurt with not much of an end in sight no matter how much work is done.
There is no answer to the tide of experience, the bad often chafes the good relieves it for a moment – it is just that sometimes those moments are’nt long enough are they?
And sadly there are those that are ignorant because that is the easiest for them to be, they give no thought, they ride the ripples thoughtless and chafe the worst for it.
lazy thoughtless bastards I would say but they are living a life in fear and so, I am so very sorry for them. But I leave it to them to help themselves or not , I care not – in truth I care but can do nothing for it is for them to to come to see the pain they cause and then decide what to do about it.
I will help those who love and respect themselves and whom I love and whom I am loved by.