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Monday, March 17th, 2008
I have been slack not to post the website sooner but oppositie to being slack I have been extremely busy and also tired so when I did have a moment I used it to act like a zombie! Between shooting the episodes I have also been travelling to New Zealand to to be a judge on Dancing with the Stars –
I am sure you guys have been keeping up with it all – in fact the rare occassion I have checked into the corner I have seen an article posted about something I have done that I had no idea was out and about so thanks!
Back to Mercurio’s Menu, I am very pleased and excited to say we have been rating very well indeed! Last week we won our timeslot in Sydney and helped the news to a win. This week we won in Perth and Melbourtne and helped the news to a win! Which makes me wonder what Queensland are doing??!??!? We screen at 5.30 Sat in Vic and 5.30 Sun in Perth and NSW and have been winning our ratings time slot – not every week but we have only been going for 3 weeks – Queensland however have put us on at 2.45 friday afternoon!!!! Thats is around the time mums are getting kids from school and everyone else is at work or school or uni!!!! What on earth are they thinking up there at channel 7 in Queensland. Any one half good at their job would see the figures from Syd. Melbourne and Perth and realise that they are wasting the opportunity for this show to A. attract a large audience (no one is home) and B. help bring the viewers in for their nightly news braodcast.
Hopefully they are just doing a quiet run to build an audience base and then plan to launch it at a later date at a more appropriate time and really bring in the audience. That could be a smart move, I guess I will have to wait and see?
Three more episodes to shoot and then…… who knows…….I dont.