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Oh shit….

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I ‘m still looking for Uncle Bob!

Breaking News

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I have just been informed that I am not invited back to be a judge on the 8th series of Dancing with the Stars on Channel Seven.
The Network and the new Production Company for DWTS (FreeHand Productions) have decided to follow the trend on other celebrity/reality/talent programs around the world and in Australia and cut the DWTS judging panel down from four to three. Unfortunately, that means someone has to go and in this case it’s me.
Being a part of such a successful show and helping it get a couple of Logies along the way has been great. My job brief on the show was to help the celebrities find the “dancer within” and that’s what I did. There is no better feeling than seeing some one who thinks that they have no chance of being a dancer yet alone a champion dancer find the dancer within. It is a life changing experience for the celebrities and I am immensely proud of each and every one of them and proud also to have contributed in a positive and meaningful way to their journey. We knew a while back that there was a senior honcho who thought I was “boring”. Maybe I was seen to be boring because I was being authentic and true to myself in my judgements on the show? I don’t know. I sure wasn’t going to humiliate, or be gratuitously vicious to a contestant for the sake of entertainment. We’ve seen a lot of that in these types of shows lately and it makes me very uncomfortable.
People have asked me how I feel today. I am a little sad of course. But I also would’ve been disappointed if the axe had fallen on one of my three other friends on the DWTS panel instead.
My management had been asking the network about their plans for Series 8 for the past few months. But we didn’t get notice that I wasn’t required until today. Just 2 weeks out from the show starting. I don’t want to soil my nest at Channel Seven but I would be less than honest if I didn’t say that I was very disappointed. After being part of a successful team for seven successive series of DWTS, you would think that this news would have been given to me a lot sooner so as to free me up to secure other work. But that’s showbiz, I guess.
I wish the show well. I really do. They have a great (albeit smaller) judging panel and 2 very talented hosts.
I am now free to pursue other things I have put on the back burner including a new series of “Mercurio’s Menu” (for Seven). Series One of “Mercurio’s Menu” by the way rated extremely well for a little show on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon. The average rating for the series was something around 850,000 viewers with a peak audience over 1 000 000 viewers!! Every one involved in making the show are quite chuffed at that and rightly so. I’m very proud of it and I’m very excited to be doing a second series.
PS: A note to the 4 judges each sitting on “Battle of the Choirs” and “It Takes Two”. A couple of you may be wish to assume the brace position now.


Sunday, August 10th, 2008

When caught in a rip at the beach – you are at it’s mercy. In realising this one hopes you come to a greater understaning of it’s being. To swim against it will most definately tire you out and you will go no where and drown. To allow it to take you out to sea is risky as you may be swept out too far for people to find you or to be able to swim back and you will be drown (or be eaten by a shark) To swim across the rip neither fighting with it nor succumbing to it means you can use it’s power to assist you to get across it and out of it and then safely swim to shore or be rescued. You are at it’s mercy but in understanding it you can use it to empower yourself and find a way through. The rip is not a premeditated monster it just is a product of the seas, of life. We chose to go swimming therefore we are not victims but willing participants and who can deny the beauty of the oceans, the feel of the water on skin, the sun warming and drying and the smell of clean ocean air filling our lungs and our senses with the wonder of living. To be at her mercy is a pleasure but in doing so one is never helpless.