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Wow November already

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

Yes I have been immersed in TV land! I have been shooting my 2nd series of Mercurio’s Menu and am back home now after finishing the 6th episode. So far I have cooked; goose in cherry beer, King George Whiting, Goose egg pasta with roast pumpkin, avacado panna cotta with tamarillo coulis, beer braised spatchcock, beef ribs in red wine and pepper, bush beer damper, Thai beef salad, BBQ pork with heirloom bbq’d vegeis, herb crusted rack of lamb, pork pot stickers, pork and sechuan pepper roll, smoked eel dip and boullabaise. Yes I am a little tired and mostly happy with the food I have cooked.
I am working with a new crew – producer, camera and camera assist which has been good. Took a little time to bed in and get the rhythm going but all is going well. I still miss my old crew as we had fun and made a great show but that is tv isnt it – getting hired and fired and moving from one gig to the next – I know the story well.
This second series will go to air next February I will let you know so that you can at least check out the website and get recipes.
We have 7 more shows to shoot which is great but frustrating in that they arent all confirmed yet so as usual I am never sure what is going to happen next nor when oh well one would think I would be well used to it which I am buut still dont like it….
I met a ghost the other day. I was in a coffee shop in a small town in Victoria having some lunch in fact all the crew went off to a different shop to have lunch but I was drawn to another one. It was a bit of an alternative cafe with crystals, angel cards on the table and organic foods etc I was sitting at my table having my coffee and I fellt this person walk in and towards me, I looked up and saw no one but felt a presence, it was almost like they came and sat at my table! It was a little girl, very happy with a lovely energy and quite a strong energy. I eventually asked the lady that owned the shop if they had a ghost in the shop and she said yes – a little girl who had died tragically when the shop had been a boarding house years earlier. She said that sometimes when she would arrive at work early in the morning the little girl would turn the radio on for her as she came in to the shop. As I left the shop the ghost gave me the biggest hug she seemd very happy and loving – I dont think she wanted me to go.
Strange things happen when you are on the road and travelling alot. Maybe she was saying to me to cheer up and be happy – I have been a little stressed and worried over the tomorrows that are around the corner, somehow I have become a little worse about the unknown and I think I have become a pessimist rather than an optimist. Perhaps due to the nature of the world economy, global warming, the various wars (drugs, terror and religoius) the whole world may be feeling the pressure but it is important that we dont cave in and become pessimists rather that we remain optimistic and positive about the future.
I have had a rather busy three months and am feeling the effects of it – I have been a ship passing in the night in terms of being home and happily I have the next week and a half at home to rest, think up some recipes, mow the lawn and work on my positive demeanor.
For now I am going to go for a nice long walk and smell the flowers and the salt air.