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Strictly focused on fine produce

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

PEOPLE still ask Paul Mercurio about Strictly Ballroom, the hugely successful 1992 Baz Luhrmann film that made the suave former Sydney Dance Company star a household name.
But these days it’s food rather than acting or dancing that’s dominating his life.
His interest in food stretches back to his time as a 16-year-old head chef at a Red Rooster restaurant. “Basically I was the young bloke who gets paid $1.40 an hour to cook and clean everything. I worked hard and when I was 17 I’d earned enough money to buy my own motorbike.”
…read the rest and see a great picture at The Australian

I am not very happy

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

and I dont know why?


Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Happy New Year!!!
Believe it or not it is now 2009. Where on earth did 2008 go? I am very excited about 2009 I feel very positive about what the year will bring. I have some idea on what I am going to be doing but as usual I also have no idea about where I will end up. I feel in my bones though that this is the year I have been wanting to get to, this is the year where I will make that leap to the next level – actually I made the leap a while ago this is the year when I will land, stand up and be counted, reap my success and own it! This is the year that I consolidate me and move into the next phase of my life and career.
Big words I know – let the journey begin!
I wish every one here a magnificent 2009. May your journey through the year be one of joy and prosperity. No doubt we will all face challenges and if we look back over 2008 we got through those challenges to live, love and fight another day and the same will go for 2009. What doesnt kill us makes us stronger (although it does hurt occassionall)
As for New Year resolutions I heard on the news the other night that some people with too much time on their hands did some research into the human brain and found that we are not wired to achive any new year resolutions we may make. I have known this for some time and have therfore never made them. I do like to make my “positive affirmation statements” leading into the new year and strangely they seem to be the same statements I make every year so either they are really good ones or I am not acheiving them and having to reaffirm year after year!
So here goes:
drink less (alcohol not water), excercise more (my body and my brain)
remember that happiness is a choice
continue to work on being a positive person
embrace my success (thats a new one for this year tand it is what my horoscope said)
do my tax (my accounted told me this one)
That will do for now and I remain open to embracing any other positive affirmations that come my way during the year.
Look forward to the journey ahead and sharing with you all my discoveries, trials, challenges and successes and sharing yours.