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I’m very Happy! It’s my birthday!!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

I have been meaning to do a new post for some time but unfortunately havent got around to it until now. I have not been unhappy for this whole amount of time since posting the last post – I have been quite happy and quite busy!
Sadly I have finished shooting series two of Mercurio’s Menu. We had a lot of fun shooting the show and it is always a bit of a downer when you finish especially as your endorphins have to return to normal living rather than shooting levels.
Serie two is playing in Australia and rating very well so we can all be happy. It is also about to start screening in New Zealand. Series three is on the cards but has had some set backs due to the global financial situation – sponsors are a little harder to come by! I am confident we will get it up and running but probably not as soon as we all had hoped ie we were hoping to start shooting now.
I have also been busy writing my cook book! Yes I have a deal to do Mercurio’s Menu The Cook Book!!!! It will be available to buy in November which is very exciting and needless to say I have a fair amount of work to do on it over the next month or so. Cant wait to see the finished product and I hope a lot of people buy it for family and friend for Xmas! I guess we will find out then.
I am currently half way through Dancing with the Stars in New Zealand. Shooting episode 5 tonight and then three more to find the winner. As always I enjoy doing the show over here and as always the cast and crew are great to work with and the celebs are doing great.
So I am 46 today! I have 4 weeks work left and then the great unknown engulfs me yet again. Such is life. I am feeling very positive about it all. And the best things is I have my wonderful family who are absolutely great!!!
I am a very lucky bloke and a very happy chappy!
Happy birthday to me.