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Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Some people love it, some people hate it, I think I may be addicted to it!
My life and that of my good Wife has always been that of a gypsy. Our work was always about travelling to places to perform, to earn our crust and return home in the off season to rest, sing, dance, eat and prepare to move on again in a short while. When we were on the road we would be in a town for one or two nights, or sometimes for a week or two but that was it. If we were on tour in another country we would again spend maybe a week at the most in one place before moving on to the next few towns – yes we are gypsies and so change does not scare us for it is our way of life. What scares me is the need for change I often feel.
If you look at my working life even when I was in the one job – the longest continuous job I have ever had – that was 10 years with the Sydney Dance Company a lot of which was spent out of town. Gee if I take a moment to reminisce about all the travel and tours we made – fantastic memories – I could fill this blog with stories and places. I could surmise that we spent just as much time on the road as we did at home travelling all over Australia and all over the world. I think of all the wonderful places I’ve seen, all the weird and wonderful meals I have had and all the wonderful locations I have danced in. It always astounds me when I meet someone who has been born and lived in the one town sometimes in the one house all their lives. And they are happy. I think that is amazing and they are lucky for sometimes people seek change because they are looking for happiness and cannot find it.
So why do I seek change? Habit I think. I am happy, I am content but I seem to want to be moving, travelling, being.
My wife and I have been married for 21 years – 22 years come this December – and we are about to move into another house (September) that will make 10 different homes we have lived in within the 21 years we have been married!! See what I mean about my need to change, my addiction the gypsy way of life? (You can add another three places of dwelling when we were girlfriend and boyfriend if you want) And of course none of this includes the hotels, motels, hostels and friend places we have stayed in over the years of touring around this great globe we call the world.
I wonder how long we will last in our next house??? Each time we have moved into our last three home we have said this is the last time we are going to move and we mean it – this is the last time we will move. But I cannot see us living in one spot forever. We are moving to a lovely area where I plan on getting a shed and some chooks, putting in a fruit orchard and growing cider apples so I can make a good traditional apple cider – alcoholic of course. I plan to build a wood fired oven out the back yard so I can entertain friends and family with wonderful pizzas, whole roast goat and homemade sourdoughs. I plan, I plan, I plan……to some day live somewhere for more than a few years at a time but then again I already yearn for the next place where I and my wife will travel to and put down roots for a while before moving on.
You see life is about change to me, its in my blood and in my soul. Change brings growth, brings stories, brings adventure and for now whilst I can I am going to continue that journey for there is plenty of time later to sit by the fire, hold hands with my dearest and reminisce.