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Book Event in Brisbane

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Katie from Mary Ryan’s Bulimba sent the following announcement along:
You’ll need to be up bright and early for this delicious breakfast event. Paul will be in-store on Thursday the 26th of November at 7am to talk about his new cookbook Mercurio’s Menu, based on his TV show of the same name.
In Mercurio’s Menu Paul takes you on a humour filled journey around Australian and parts of NZ seeking out great regional produce and cooking with the locals. Along the way he indulges armchair travellers with some incredible scenery and entertaining foodie hints and tips.
Cost is $15 a head which includes Champagne and Orange Juice or Coffee on arrival with Double-dipped Chocolate Strawberries and either Grilled Haloumi and Ham on Turkish Bread or Fruit Toast with Ricotta and Honey Spread.
Bookings are essential for this event – please contact us by email, phone (3399 7575), or come in-store to secure your ticket.
Mary Ryan’s
Books | Music | Coffee
190A Oxford St
Bulimba QLD 4171
Thanks, Katie!
For more info on the tour, follow the comments in Paul’s Corner, as Liz has been doing a great job keeping track!

Nine Years….

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

They say that time heals pain but I have found that it doesnt. It softens, deadens, eases, gentles, dilutes, lulls us into a space that only distance can provide – a kind of temporary shelter from the storm. And as is natures nature the storm comes and with it the pain comes searing back – hot, ready, raw and real.
Thankfully it’s hold is only momentary, I guess that is the one gift time gives us.
I cant help but wonder what my brother would be like and what he would be doing as he enters his 45th year of life. It has been nine years since he decided he no longer wanted to be part of lifes journey and I miss him as if it was the day after he departed. No, time doesnt really heal pain it just stays it – keeps it at bay for as long as it can until a time comes that pain comes gracefully and brutally knocking at the door of my day.
That day is today my brothers birthday.
Death is something that must happen it is a natural by product of life, suicide however isnt, it is an unatural by product of fear and is just a waste.