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Sunday, January 24th, 2010

I have just finished watching My Biggest Fan with my wife and my three daughters and we all thought it was a wonderful heart felt journey into some truly beautiful people! Even you too Ellie!
Wow, what a refreshing and honest approach Tara took and what a wonderful; insight into Millie and her life! It was so lovely to see you guys and get a glimpse of your life and to also see and meet your lovely daughters. I am just buzzed!!! My wife and daughters really enjoyed the whole journey and of course we have a vested interest in it as their Dad was a part of it!
Tara what a wonderful and honest story told thank you.
Millie you are truly a wonderful woman.
Ellie love the hats and what a cool dude you are!
After talking and reading from you guys it was a privelige to meet you through Tara’s film.
I am now your biggest fan!
much love
Paul, Andrea, Elise, Emily and Erin