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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Yep it’s my birthday today

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

47 today!
I am not sure why but I do find the idea a little scary – I am getting older – I am getting way too close to 50 and I dont feel it! Well okay I am not 50 yet but I am edging closer than I feel I want to or need to.
No longer a boy not yet a man – (Britteny song isnt it??:) It makes me wonder whether I need to grow up or continue doing and being who I am…
I didnt feel this so much when I turned 46 but I was so much younger then…
I am cool with being 47 although I will spend some time contemplating how I got here, how I feel about it and where I want to go next.
I will also get a little spoiled by my girls as I have only just returned home from being away for the last two weeks shooting in New Zealand. I was going to have breakfast in bed but I have been up for two hours and the girls are still asleep – Ive walked the dog and greeted the day – my day – Ive written on here twice – the first time my computer crashed and I lost the missive (know the feeling Kelly?) However when the girls get up they will make me breaky and give me some presents (socks – I got it out of my wife she is a shocker at keeping secrets) I will take the computer to the store and ask them to fix it or shoot it, I am not really concerned which as long as it is done – then I am going to buy myself a cook book – a spanish one called “1080 Recipes”
Later I will have a lovely dinner that is one of my favourite dishes Andrea makes and then I am getting a massage from the girls!!
A damn fine day I say.
Happy birthday to me and happy birthday to any one out there sharing the day with me!
ps I will have a couple of fine ales also maybe a La Chouffe to start and a Chimay to finish.

Mercurio’s Menu

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Well I have finished shooting the third series of MM which is bitter sweet. Sweet because it has been an incredible experience and opportunity – bitter because it may well be the last. All the more bitter in fact as the third series has been screening in Melbourne, winning it’s time slot and a week ago was the fifth most watched show in Melbourne on the day!! Not bad for a little afternoon foodie show.
I do hope another series will come about but it is all up to finding a sponsor who believes in the program and ithe one million viewers that tune in. It is a great opportunity for a fresh food sponsor as they would go hand in hand with what we do, talk, live and eat on the show! Time will tell.
I am interested to hear how we go in the Logie nominations – enough people stop me in the street to tell me how much they love watching the show I can only hope they have also voted for the show – again time will tell.
I guess time tells bloody all eventually.

Starts at Home

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

I went to the movies yesterday with all of the girls – saw Alice in Wonderland and really enjoyed it! Love Tim Burton and love Jonny Depp!!
As you do we had pop corn and drinks and even an icecream – as did most people in the cinema. When the movie finished and we got up to leave the two ladies next to me with the three boys got up and got the boys up and let the cinema, they also left behind all their rubbish! Pop corn containers on the seat and on the floor, empty drink containers on the seats and on the floor, wrappers for the their lollies strewn upon the floor! As I and my girls gathered our rubbish to take up to the rubbish bins provided at the exit to the theatre I thought to myself “it starts at home”…. there is this Mum taking her boys out to the cinema and teaching them that it is okay to not take responsibility for themselves or their “stuff”, to not care about other people and to not respect the opportunities they have and are given by others. What a great shame!! Sometimes I wonder what hope we have for this world when something as easy as taking your own rubbish and putting it in the bin provided cant be done.
Perhaps I am over reacting but I know I am not because it is the little things that make the difference and those little things start at home.