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I am very happy and proud!

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

I finished my Book – well I should really say I finished the first draft of my Cookbook and have delivered it on time to the publisher!! There ends one chapter and begins another one. Submitting the book at deadline is a great thing and it certainly made me feel very good about my acheivement. There is much work to do on it still – editing, refining, design, photos, style etc but a lot of the work to be done rests with the publisher and some with me. It will be very exciting to see the book take shape now as the publisher, editor and designers get to work their Mojo on it!
The big issue is what to call it??????
It is a cook book where 90% of the recipes are cooked with beer but every dish is matched with beer. It is a cook book aimed at men and woman who love good food, love cooking and love doing something a little differently oh and of course love interesting boutique beer.
The book has recipes for beer hollandaise and caramelised scallops, french onion stout soup, slow braised guinness lamb shanks, chili chocolate stout ice cream, banana wheat bread etc etc a great range and mix of recipes that you really wouldnt think you would put beer in them…..
So come on put your thinking caps on andhelp me out with a title!
Cheers – 87 easy beer recipes? no
Cheers the Cookbook
the Cheers Cookbook
Beertastic Food

lost my mojo

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

This last week or two I have kind of lost my Mojo
feeling a little aimless
got lots to do but…..
I realise you need a future
to know you have one
the past just doesnt cut it
you cant rely on it
from there
there is no way forwards
only backwards
but with a future
you know where you are
I have kind of lost my Mojo
cos I dont know