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Selby has left the building

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Unfortunately Selby didnt work out. He was a beautiful boy but had some behavorial problems which we couldnt get him out of. Socially he was a bit of a bully and a fighter – he bullied our dog Charlie which ended in several visit for Charlie to the vet and left him a bit battered and psycologically damaged and us rather out of pocket. Selby didnt know how to interact properly with dogs and so his first instinct was to dominate which basically means to fight. For this reason we couldnt let him off the lead to play and went to deserted beaches for him to frolic at which he enjoyed but we could never relax and never trust so Andrea and I were always on tender hooks. Even on the leash he would go mad trying to get to other dogs – a very stressful time for us and me as I walked him the most.
He also came to the conclusion – falsely, that he was in fact the leader of the pack, something I had an issue with as I am in fact leader of the pack although I think Elise thinks she actually is and suspect that Erin probably is! Any way after a full year of trying and training including a stint back with his breeder for some behavorial adjustment that didnt work we have rehoused him. Hwe is better for it as he is with a lady who has another large dog and is in fact a dog handler and all the better for us as things at home are so much m,ore calmer, quieter and walk times are as relaxing as they should be allowing us to enjoy the walk, the day and out time.
We do miss him but are glad he is gone. It has been almost two months now and infuriatingly Andrea and the Girls are looking at other big dogs – German Shepherds and I hate to say it so am I. We have always had two dogs and always have had big dogs. Charlie as cute as he is is only a little dog that I cannot walk for fear of being labeled a gay dog walking boy – it is just not manly enough to be walking a cavalier king charles spanial that has been recently shaved except for his ears and tail! And no it is also not resonable to expect me to walk a lovely cuddly wubly snub nosed pug around the block! I need a mans dog if only to feel like the man I think/hope I may appear to be. You either know or dont know what I mean.
Selby is happy so that is great.
It is only a matter of time before we have another memeber of the house…call us stupid, call us crazy, call us irresponsible, just call us…please the lady that I emailed about the german shepherds pups!

This Moment

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

dont talk about tomorrow
for you know what will happen
the truth is
tomorrow doesnt exist
if it did exist
then you would know what
tomorrow will bring
yesterday exists
you know it
have breathed it
lived it
but it brings nothing
to todays table
for todays table is fresh
and yesterdays is gone
in THIS moment
everything exists
and outside of this moment
nothing exists
you can do aught
but live
in this moment
to do other
is folly


Friday, October 1st, 2010

Happy Birthday to our dearest webmaster, Cat!
Happy Birthday, Cat!
Thank you for creating this site and being our webmaster. Thanks for keeping an eye on the blog behind the scenes.