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What a Morning!

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Emily had her audition this morning for a musical theatre college that she has her set on attending next year. The past week she has been performing in a musical theatre show and spent three nights staying in a hostel nearby the theatre so she could get to the theatre easily for her matinees etc. I picked her up late last night – oh it was good to see her – she has had a great time and you can just tell she is ready to fly the coup!
Any way we were all up early to get her to her audition on time and in good voice when problems struck:
1. the pianist she had paid and rehersed with who was going to meet her there to play her song music was missing, couldnt get her on the phone
2. we printed up the sheet music just in case she didnt show up and the pianist at the audtion could play – not ideal and we were becoming late
3. the vitamin Emily had with her breakfast didnt agree with her
4. Emily was tired and exhausted from her week and getting a little freaked out
5. Emily threw up just before we left
6. we left late and got some throat soothers on the way
7. Emily warmed up in the car – her voice – I drove too fast but didnt get caught
8. Emily’s body went into shock and she couldnt hit her high notes
9. The sky was about to fall in as we arrived on time
10. it did fall in
11. Emily broke down and couldnt stop crying
12. we got to the audition room – Em’s eyes red rimmed – and there was no pianist
13. Emily called the pianist but there was no answer
14. Emily cried some more – very unlike Emily to be like this
15. Em got the shakes
16. the people at the audition were happy to reschedule Emily for later today
17. we drove home – had a coffee and some french toast first so Emily felt okay
18. pianist finally rang saying she had a family emergency and had to go to Queensland
19. Emily is feeling better but still a bit queezy
20. I am about to leave home – with Emily – to take her to the rescheduled auditon
21. wish us luck!

ah fuck

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

i have been out of my comfort zone for so long
now nothing brings me comfort.

I broke my Toe

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

This is what happens when you do a flying Jete from the garage into the laundry up three steps and over a landing – well actually this is what happens when you do a flying jete from the garage into the laundry up three steps and over a landing and you actually miss the entry to the laundry by about 4cm!
broken toe resized.JPG

Who Do You Think You Are, Just Dance

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Liz found a couple of tidbits for us…
First, Paul will be making an appearance in Who Do You Think You Are, a new show that explores family histories.
Second, Emily Mercurio has a solo role in Just Dance, an upcoming production with the Young Australian Broadway Chorus. Congrats!


Friday, November 5th, 2010

It was a very strange feeling although it wasnt yesterday but rather almost a week ago now. I did a cooking demo at the Australian National Homebrewers Conference. It was a cooking with beer demo where I cooked three dishes and the other guest cook a guy by the name of Chris Badenoch who’s claim to fame- at the moment is that he came third in the TV show Master Chef. He is a nice bloke, a very good cook and has just released his own cook book that features cooking with beer also.
Anyway I digress.
The cooking demo went expeptionally well…I guess you want to know what was cooked? I did three dishes from my upcoming book – scotch ale and ricotta cheese muffins, Jalapeno poppers and a beer butter cockle pasta. Chris did a slow braise of pork shoulder with chipotle chilli sauce and churros with a chilli chocolate dipping sauce – all very lovely food. We did the demo for about 80 peopl;e and then the chefs at the venue cooked up according to our recipes enough of each dish to feed the crowd (about 150) for morning tea and lunch breaks.
It all went very well.
But whan I got home I was one part elated and one part bummed out – one part of me felt like I belonged, like I was a success, felt really good about who and what I am and what I have achieved and the other part of me felt completely lost, directionless, alone and forgotten. Yesterday I was someone, today I am no one and as for tomorrow….welll who knows.
It is one of those constant struggles one has when you are freelance – you are damn good at what you do but you can never ride that horse because it only works in yesterdays. As for today ….welll the phone hasnt rung as yet and tomorrow as I have said before doent exist.
It is a strange limbo of pride and fear, elation and depression, success and doom, it is a dish served cold and eaten hot nothing makes sense and whilst it tastes great you cant stand the smell of it.
Strange things yesterdays?!

Suckers for punishment?

Friday, November 5th, 2010

perhaps and perhaps not but when they are this cute……
Her name is Penny and she is a Golden Retriever – I never wanted this type of dog but the girls fell in love with her and after the nightmare and dominance of Selby we decided to go with a dog with a temperament that is very docile, loving and gentle which so far Penny is. I just wish she would stopping weeing on the rug!!