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A very lucky man!!

Monday, November 7th, 2011

I am indeed an incredibly lucky man as you can see I have three very beautiful, unique, intelligent, caring, compassionate, smart, sassy, passionate and wonderful Daughters! I could go on and on about them but for now I want to talk about my middle one because today is her birthday and today she turns 20.

20 years ago today she was born and she came in a screaming hurry – literally – she came out screaming and arrived in the world in just over four hours of labour. Not a lot has changed she is still in a hurry and instead of screaming she is constantly singing at the top of her beautiful voice. She wants to be a musical theatre star and I have no doubt she will be although she is already a star in my and her mother’s eyes!!

I would describe Emily as a truly unique creature. She is thoughtful, kind and compassionate – she doesn’t fear to give things a go as she hurtles forward challenging, devouring and accomplishing all tasks set before her. She is without a doubt her own person, won’t compromise who she is for anything or anyone but shares herself willing because she is truly a generous spirit. I love the way she thinks, I love the way she expresses herself and above all I love the way she giggles.

There is so much more to say about Emily and I know there is much more that we will hear from and about Emily as she goes out into the world and makes her unique and indelible mark on the world.

I am so proud of the wonderful young, adventurous, talented, intelligent and gorgeous woman you are (I just wish you would eat lamb!)

Happy Birthday Emily!!


ps Emily is the middle one