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That was a tough month

Friday, August 31st, 2012

August was a tough month! I kept fairly busy with my walks with my gorgeous wife and rides. I kept fairly busy with continuing to develop my sauce range – albeit rather slowly and I kept busy working towards getting sponsorship for series five of Mercurio’s Menu. I got dropped from hosting a charity gig – booked in May and then for no explanation dropped a week before the gig! Being charity I wasnt charging anything to do it. I passed up a gig in New Zeland because of the charity gig. Finished the month with a half hour radio spot on 3aw talking beer and food and promoting my cook book. I had some pretty good meeting with some positive ….um….feelings? There are no outcomes from them as yet but there are doors left open with possibilities and opportunities to be looked at, mined, developed and progressed¬†so that is good.

I didnt earn a single cent which is what makes it hard! Some one asked me after me telling them about my month – how do you get out of bed in the morning – sometimes it is an effort emotionally but truth be told life is grand – if you didnt need to earn a living to pay the mortgage, feed the kids, put petrol in the car etc then life is a dream and I am a lucky man. I have a wonderful family, lots of love in my house and in my life.

So come on September show me what you got, lets get it on, lets get some great work, lets step it up a couple of notches! I’m ready¬†are you?

Loving this!!

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Not the final yet but getting very close!!!