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It’s not that hard!!

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

I might quickly point out that I am talking about Pizza and not some other issue!

Seriously though I had the worst pizza last night from a local home delivery service pizza shop. It makes me wonder how do people get it so wrong? I was in a little country town last week riding my new motorcycle home and I had one of the best pizza’s in a long time. So why in a town like Melbourne do so many get it wrong.

People try to save money by using very bad cheap ingredients and then pile them high so the pizza looks good and is big and heavy but it is also crap! The best pizza’s only have a few quality ingredients on them and are wonderous to behold and eat.

Have you ever asked yourself how can a pizza joint be offering two large pizza’s and a bottle of sugar and fizz all for the low price (and even lower quality of ingredients) of $12!!!!!!

And while I am at it do some research on the stuff that is supposedly shredded ham it is not what you think it is!!!! But is is cheap.

 I should just stop ordering pizza – my pizza oven is in the garage waiting on the knocking out of a wall so I can get it around the back of the house and set it up! No more pizza till I am making my own again!