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Beer tour no more

Friday, June 17th, 2016
With some saddness and loads of disappointment I unfortunately announce the postponement of my October European Beer Tour. Even though it is three and a half months away we have been holding hotel rooms since we announced the tour in Jan. We now either pay for them or let them go and as we do not have enough people booked we must let them go.
I say postponed because Lisa Ioakimidis and I have put together a great tour focusing on some of the the best European breweries with great historical stories and bloody great beer, but I guess we are a bit before it’s time with this sort of tour. We will put it out to market at a later date when the whole beer resurgence thing has fully taken off and a tour like this will be embraced and pounced upon in the same way a ‘Wines of Burgandy’ tour is.
My thanks to Lisa from Hello World Travel Lower Templestow for your undying support and enthusiasm for this tour. You certainly went out on a limb to offer your customers and the beer loving public at large a unique and exciting opportunity.Well done you and the team!
To those that expressed interest thank you and I am sorry to have let you down, it would seem we knew a good thing. So the tour is parked until the rest of you connoisseurs of great things catch up with us.